He Can Jog: Norwood Wisconsin CD

He Can Jog is the work of Erik Schoster, a computer musician from Wisconsin. That is about all he likes to say about his work, understated as ever. The truth is he has been one of my absolute favourite artists for a number of years now and his Middlemarch release on the ever wonderful Audiobulb label is still one of the most played in my house. I've known Erik for a number of years now and have been bothering him since the beginning really to make a record for either Home Normal or Nomadic Kids Republic and in the end, the incredible Norwood, Wisconsin just fit NKR perfectly with its noisy analog drone cross super electronic pop feel to it. It is of course a very special release for us, but also of great significance this is likely to be the last album under Erik's He Can Jog moniker, and its quite the send-off it has to be said.

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