Gareth Hardwick: Sunday Afternoon LP

    Gareth Hardwick: Sunday Afternoon LP

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  • Artist: Gareth Hardwick
    Label: Low Point
    Cat No: LP041LP

Originally released by Blackest Rainbow in a cd-r edition of 75 copies, this vinyl version of 'Sunday Afternoon' has been remastered and reissued for your appraisal.

The album, recorded in a single improvised take during the aforementioned time of day, formed the first of an ongoing series of audio studies. Employing a lap steel guitar as the only sound source, Hardwick then deliberately limited the equipment and additional processing used to the minimum in order to extract the purest tone from the instrument.

The resulting album is a placid dissolution of the lap steel into a natural blossoming harmonic. Whilst rooted in one major chord, the recording simultaneously reveals hidden timbres and overtones, its unhurried pace allowing the instrument to breathe and unveil new characteristics.

Having been remastered specifically for the vinyl format, additional clarity has been revealed within the recording, allowing the listener to submerge further within.

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