Gallery Six: Gasansui CD

Crisp, clear water flows on either side of me as I drift outward from the beach, my vessel gulping in the fresh air of dawn. The subtle treasure of moss balls are visible below the surface. I disappear into a wall of fog and reach my destination on the other side of the lake. Leaving my boat, I enter a cave, lead by the orange glow of the rising sun I find my village and am greeted by a chorus of birds. I am home. The house is empty, uneasy to accept me at first. I set down my books softly and look around. Everything is in perfect order, peaceful. A toy seems to stare at me from my shelf, a large ship. I pick it up, feeling its weight. Perhaps ten years have passed since I considered this object. It's a strange feeling, an unfathomable loneliness. My thoughts are that some made this, maybe a man in a shop. My mind lingers on this idea of a very lonely old man carving ships and painting them, dying alone with broken hands. There is something comforting about this, it makes me smile. I get back to my boat and begin sailing with seemingly as much ease as putting the toy back on its shelf. This time I have no destination. I drift for so long, I lose all sense of my surroundings. Have I slept? The sky is filled with color. When I consider where I am, there is no direction to take that will bring me home any quicker than another. I am lost. I still haven't let go of the image of that ship. I let the wind guide me for a long while before bumping into the sand, then my legs manage their way back home. I wait for something to stop me but my hands just move by themselves as I take the ship and several other toys, books, a box with old photographs, and carry them outside where I dump them on the ground. After a moment of realization of what has happened, I set fire to the pile. I sit on the grass and watch it burn, holding my hands over my mouth in quiet astonishment. Something is felt that I can't comprehend fully, a resolution. An ending to a cycle. I carry water and pour it over the embers. And once again I wave goodbye to my village and take its peace with me as I travel back through the cave, this time to another area where the sound of water leads me to a place I've never been… Joe LiTrenta (Bengalfuel) Hidekazu Imashige aka Gallery Six is an artist and composer who lives in Hiroshima, Japan. For his new album "Gasansui", he has crafted a delicate collection of ambient moodscapes which are ideal for relaxation and introspection. Each track is a gorgeous picture come to life where the sound of birds chirping, water dripping or leaves rustling are underpinned by a bed of majestic keys and soothing pads. Green grass or blue water is often subdued or altogether washed out, allowing the music's form to disappear in mist, as though it is being played from somewhere deep within a painting that threatens to swallow those who look upon it. Amazing floating ambient music on Shimmering Moods Records. Highly limited CD, 100 copies worldwide, with beautiful artwork in a special package. Mastered by Early Reflections. Selected by Shimmering Moods.

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