Fuqugi: Gransofa + Nightingale CD

    Fuqugi: Gransofa + Nightingale CD

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  • Artist: Fuqugi
    Label: Plop
    Cat No: FS-PLOP008CT

Fuqugi is a solo project by Daiki Sakae residing in the wilderness of far south of Japan, Kagoshima. The surrounding nature brought significant inspirations to create these 15 imaginative tracks on his 1st official album "Gransofa + Nightingale". All tracks were basically recorded by only using his favorite Gibson electric guitar, drawing dim lines and patterns over and over like watercolor paintings which develops into tear-jerking melodies.

1 Room 14
2 Nightingale [mp3]
3 Statuesque
4 Altar [mp3]
5 Crest
6 Gransofa
7 Nosegay [mp3]
8 Hibiscus
9 Narcosis
10 Alleyway
11 Lantern
12 Humming
13 Moreen
14 Herb
15 Dandelion