Free Piece of Tape: Free Piece of Tape CD

    Free Piece of Tape: Free Piece of Tape CD

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  • Artist: Free Piece of Tape
    Label: Granny
    Cat No: GRANNY005CD

Granny Record’s 5th release is the self titled album by Athens duo, Free Piece Of Tape. The album’s structure is based on nine compositions. Although they have been recorded through deifferent periods of time, the result ends up homeomorphus and coherent. The strucuture of the compositions is based in its bigger part on improvisational forms that evolve and change over in real time. The characteristic sound of Free Piece Of Tape derives form the coexistance of self-made musical devices along with analogue instruments, contact mics, and various sapmles, all of them moving around electroacoustic compositional forms and creating solid and multilayered compositions. Limited to 500 copies.

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