Dead Fader: Jenny 153 LP

John Cohen, aka Dead Fader, first arrived on Parachute in 2016, with It Works 1 (PAR 010EP) -- a brace of warping, high-energy electronic music compositions that, while largely unclassifiable in genre, maintain a gloriously vibrant, emotive sensibility that owes much to early IDM excursions and the more abstract tenets of Krautrock. That said, the artist cites anything from Kanye West to Bach and back again as informing the decidedly experimental and potentially confounding work. His latest offering for the Milan based label continues to riff on this open-ended mesh of influence to great effect. The new LP, Jenny 153, runs out across nine tracks and operates at the fertile juncture between classical and club music compositional structures, and examines the crossover points between the two disciplines. According to the artist, the work deals with themes of acceptance and an "opening up" emotionally -- and a palpable sense of catharsis runs deep through the recordings. Colorful and undeniably cohesive, in spite of its rhythmic complexity, the recordings present a vital snapshot of the potential space that exists on the periphery of the dance music genre. Includes download code.

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