Crowhurst: Memory Loss LP

    Crowhurst: Memory Loss LP

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  • Artist: Crowhurst
    Label: Ivory Antler
    Cat No: IA023LP

Experimental black metal from Los Angeles, CA.

"STRAIGHT 10 OUT OF 10. This is literally what happen when you take noise to the next level." - TheSirensSong

"If you are looking for the compositional evolution of extreme experimental music in the 2010's, look no further." - Sound Colour Vibration

"A magnificent feat." - Radio Free Midwich

"Shimmering, baroque, terrifying." - Chewbone

"The album straddles a finely balanced axis between ambient, noise and drone. Totally absorbing...becomes more engrossing each time you play it." - Right Where You Are Sitting Now

"Thrilling... detached yet focused" - Black Metal and Brews

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