Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie: Essential Anatomies Cassette

This is the second volume of "Essential Anatomies," expanding upon the ideas and techniques of the first installment. Surprising, nuanced improvisations with samplers and turntables; ever-changing, always challenging, aesthetically rewarding. Working exclusively with samples, Sheffield and Rippie sculpt primarily with commercial recordings to turn aspects of plunderphonics and electronic sound art into a form of abstract beauty. Their work together has always been about their dialogue within a given piece, folding nebulous sound into impressions of musicality.

Colin Andrew Sheffield (b. 1976, El Paso TX) is the founder of Elevator Bath and has recorded for the Invisible Birds, Mystery Sea, and Quiet World labels, among others. James Eck Rippie (b. 1977, Nashville TN) has recorded for the Crónica and Sirr labels, among others, and has collaborated with sound artists Simon Whetham, Paulo Raposo, and erikM. Sheffield and Rippie both currently live in Austin TX.

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