Christian Vasseur: Alam CD

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Christian Vasseur: archlute and voice

14 strings archlute by Anna Radice

Recorded and mixed by Jacques Deregnaucourt in 1993. Mastered by Benjamin Mraz at studio Ka, Fches-Thumesnil in 2009

Photographs by Dennis Bettels ['Belfast' / 2007]

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1. Alam
2. Pice 1
3. Pice 2
4. A grey ground dedicated to an anonymous english composer
5. Waiting for the bells
6. Marche funbre cologique
7. Simple music
8. Anima mea desideravit te in nocte
9. Peter Gabriels dream
10. No try to tie the butterfly (for Nathalie)
11. DSCH

Release Description
Christian Vasseurs work Alam was recorded 16 years ago. Eleven very clear and fresh compositions, only Christians voice and a 14-string-archlute.

It is a very pure work. You can hear the deep and slightly dark tone of the archelute, Christians fingers moving over the fretboard and his voice, sometimes humming in the background. I think the main difference with Christians guitar work is that Alam is very structured. You still have the feeling that Christians play is very light, free and close to improvising, but at the same time, one feels very save and guided in this compositions.

Not to forget the strong link to John Dowland and Elizabethan lute music with virtuosity transferred to the present days.

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