Breath Grendes: Space Rawk Replicas (cassette0

Released in connection with GoJohnnyGo records in Minneapolis. 20th anniversary of this Seminal Post Punk/Noise Rock/Space Rock/Thug Rock Release. Either loved or hated in their hometown of Winnipeg Manitoba the Breath Grenades have always held a special place in my heart... full disclosure... I 'roadied' for them - hauling a 4x10 Cabinet up many flights of stairs, messed around with Captain A.K's (R.I.P.) mini moog - which he played by hitting with a drum stick!!!! and drummed a couple of times with no snare - so basically smashing an open hi-hat and toms.. super primal and super annoying. Super fun. This album is almost 20 years old. Misunderstood at the time - I think it is one of the best post punk records of the 90s. It captures the Grenades ten years into their lifecycle and nearing their peak. We are hoping this is sin't the last of the BG's back and current catalog that we get to manhandle. WE HOPE YOU DIG THIS AS MUCH AS WE HAVE OVER THE LAST 2 DECADES.

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