Blind Cave Salamander | Pietro Riparbelli/K11: The Nietzsche Fabrik Sessions / Transmission (enhanced CD)

In June 2008, Blind Cave Salamander was invited to take part in the Torino World Design Capital festival presenting a site specific performance to be staged on the roof of the Nietzsche Fabrik workshop and incorporating sounds from the local machines, smitheries and carpenters at work. The material on this album is the live recording of the in-studio rehearsal for this performance as then edited and reworked by Marco Milanesio. The same material has since been broadcasted and re-recorded in a unique instrumental transcommunication action, using FM and SW radio signals, by Pietro Riparbelli, inside the Etruscan necropolis of the ancient Kysra. In this way taking the Salamander back underground. In some ways this record displays a possible sound-path within its aural mutations.


Enhanced CD Track list:
1. Nietzsche Fabrik part.1 - 04':05''
2. Nietzsche Fabrik part.2 - 02':50''
3. Nietzsche Fabrik part.3 - 06':10''
4. Nietzsche Fabrik part.4 - 04':13''
5. K11 - TRANSMISSION. - 18':45''
6. Video (quicktime/mp4) -

Full lenght audio: 45min.
Concept: SG | Editing: BCS/PR/SG

BLIND CAVE SALAMANDER is a project by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (guitars, electric viola, voice and music) and Paul Beauchamp (electronics, harmonica, saw, voice and music), Marco Milanesio (recording, mixing, production, sound design), Julia Kent (cello).

PIETRO RIPARBELLI/K11 Is a philosopher, composer and sound-multimedia artist. His compositions have been published by Radical Matters Ed/Label (IT), Aurora Borealis (UK), Actual Noise/20buckspin (US), Afe Records (IT), Boring Machines (IT).

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