Black Swan: In 8 Movements LP

    Black Swan: In 8 Movements LP

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  • Artist: Black Swan
    Label: Experimedia
    Cat No: EXPLP016LP

Marking a clandestine arrival out of, seemingly, nowhere, Black Swan emerges from the shadowy billows of smoke to immerse listeners in a lucid, cavernous dream, tracing silhouettes in the darkness with drowning ambience and orchestrated drones that screech and howl intermittently amongst the disorienting magnetic tape disturbances. Black Swan operates under a guise of far-away sounds traveling through murky waters, drowning the listener in its heavy-handed layers of ghostly resonance.

PRESS - Album of the week
Majestic and mysterious album of lucid dreamlike dronescapes from an unregistered entity - quite a must for fans of Stars Of The Lid, Leyland Kirby, Phillip Jeck or Indignant Senility. 'Drones For Bleeding Hearts. In 8 Movements' submerses us in a flickering, half-lit world of creaking, unidentified acousmatic sound and orchestrated drones with chillingly tangible atmospherics. When Black Swan drops the temperature, say with a sudden ghoulish howl from the peripheries or a disorientating blast of icy nothingness, you can practically feel your hair moving in kinaesthetic syncopation. To this degree he evokes the psychedelic, gaseous nature of Phillip Jeck's music and also the piloerect effect of Indignant Senility's Wagnerian overtones. But there's something detached, silhouetted and lurking between the lines that suggests something creepier, as though Black Swan is watching you listen to his music with a face caught somewhere between voyeuristic sneer and irreconcilable sorrow. It's too early in the day to be falling into this right now, but once night falls we'd imagine the effect to be massively intensified.

Norman Records - "This week's hottest shit"
I dunno about this 'cos it's only been on thirty seconds but I'm looking forward to the film which this has nothing to do with. I mean it's not like I have an unconditional love for Darrenarrenarrenofsky or anything but it doesn't sound like he's fucking about with that one. OK, I'm starting to see what's going on here.. Total eerie, ghostly, shivers down the backiness. I guess it falls broadly into the field of ambient drone but there's FAR more going on here than pretty much any of the stuff that generally waddles into the category. It's like listening to a Stone Tape playback of an orchestra slowly turning phantom or something. Molasses thick with atmosphere and intrigue.. Winner.

Interview with Black Swan by Silent Ballet

"Black Swan's self-titled debut masterpiece is a blissful, dark and dreamy wall of drowning sounds. Surreal, creepy yet beautiful stuff here! For the likes of Thomas Koner, Stars of the Lid, Brian Eno, The Caretaker, and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Orchestrated drones at it's best." -Asylum

"...The music is given the right to exist on its own, as if it had always existed. It stakes its claim in the mind, making the listener a collaborator in a seductive narrative-noire that travels through a hall of horrors and memories, an escort to a final resting place. One might encounter spirit animals, forgotten lovers, faceless apparitions, leviathan rifts, or a cozy blanket of stars. It is easy to become comfortable in the soothing darkness, and when it seems like eternity has arrived, Black Swan pulls the plug." Nayt Keane -The Silent Ballet

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