Adamennon: Le Nove Ombre Del Caos CD

    Adamennon: Le Nove Ombre Del Caos CD

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  • Artist: Adamennon
    Label: Boring Machines
    Cat No: BM074CD

The new solo record from Adamennon expands the paths of his previous MMXII, bringing the ideas and influences of Goblin, Frizzi and Rizzati to a whole new level. Le Nove Ombre del Caos is a (never shot) horror movie which Adamennon wrote the soundtrack to. The atmosphere is drenched in insanity, terror and a malevolent black veil of craziness. The music is heavy, a doom for the doomed, and it gives new lymph to one of the musical genres who made italian composers famous around the world. Think of an overpowered version of Goblin, with drums triggered and rearranged in the most aggressive manner, screams that comes from the deepest womb and ancient spells. The album is released on CD in a gatefold cover including a poster of the original movie release.

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