Jay Glass Dubs: Dubs 2LP

One of the boldest new producers to broach the dub sphere in recent times, Jay Glass Dubs is subject of Dubs, a prime "early years" survey of his... more info

Novo Line: Dyad LP

Novo Line reprises the meter-messing genius of his Movements album (ELP 024LP, 2016) with the Dyad mini-LP. Exclusively using the tools of '88/'89... more info

VA: Trax Test (excerpts From The Modular Network 1981-1987) 2LP

Trax Test is the first ever survey of Italy's pioneering, visionary, and influential label and mail art collective Trax, which ran from 1981-1987 as... more info
L/F/D/M: Music Without Discipline LP

L/F/D/M: Music Without Discipline LP

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L/F/D/M squeezes off a volley of misshapen bangers and atonal wormholes in Music Without Discipline, making a mutant follow-up to his M Is a Shape LP... more info