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t.raumschmiere - heimat (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

t.raumschmiere - heimat (2x12inch vinyl lp)

kompakt (de)
Double LP version. Includes download code. Berlin's own Marco Haas, aka T.Raumschmiere, made an irreparable impression globally in the '00s as a saw-toothed, anti-rave radical, thanks to his immense stage antics and larger-than-life releases on Novamute. Since then, Haas has established himself as a contemporary with emotive, dark ambient tales on his own imprints Shitkatapult and AlbumLabel. Kompakt's love affair with Haas goes back to their ... more info

dark sky - othona (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dark sky - othona (2x12inch vinyl lp)

monkeytown (de)
Double LP version. Dark Sky represent progression. The London duo have never settled for a specific sound nor dwelled in a single niche too long. What's striking about all their releases is their passionate love for all kinds of electronic music, not exclusively dancefloor related. This is no different with Othona, the second album from Dark Sky on Monkeytown. Across nine tracks, Matt Benyayer and Tom Edwards manage to reinvent themselves once more ... more info

va - sounds of new music (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

va - sounds of new music (12inch vinyl lp)

modern silence (mt)
"The compositions on Side I of this record represent attempts at new means of musical expression. Some utilize conventional musical instruments and sounds in startlingly new ways, giving an impression of an actual 'new' sound being created; some use instruments new to music (electrical, mechanical and natural) adding to the composers' palette of timbres and tonalities. . . . SIDE II of this record is meant as a tool for those using new sounds and ... more info

oskar offermann - berlin/offenbach 2008-2016 (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

oskar offermann - berlin/offenbach 2008-2016 (2x12inch vinyl lp)

mule musiq (de)
German artist Oskar Offermann, the owner of leading label White, presents a quality double LP package on Mule Musiq, strongly effecting his meditated mindsets. As well as his DJ sets, his crafted productions have a superb balance between not being too excessive and not being too minimalist - creating a dynamic which makes people move, based on his own aesthetic, featured with well-polished, functional electro phrases and raw machine beats. Because of ... more info

petre inspirescu - vintul prin salcii (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

petre inspirescu - vintul prin salcii (2x12inch vinyl lp)

mule musiq (de)
Double LP version. With his third album Vin Ploile (MUSIQ 051CD/192LP, 2015) the Bucharest, Romania based producer, musician, and DJ Petre Inspirescu captured a whole new audience and reached out with minimal left-field ambient sounds to music-loving folks that are not part of the worldwide dance music universe. Well known as one of the key figures of the Romanian electronic dance music scene since his first EP Tips on Luciano's label Cadenza (2007), ... more info

i marc 4 - g.l.p. 1002 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

i marc 4 - g.l.p. 1002 (12inch vinyl lp)

sonor music editions (it)
Sonor Music Editions present a reissue of I Marc 4's G.L.P. 1002, originally released in 1970. G.L.P. 1002, marking their second record in the Nelson Records series, was the toughest session by the great I Marc 4 Italian jazz library combo. A killer album that is easily one of the top three albums from the Nelson Records series with no weak tracks at all. The music goes from insane psychedelic tunes to jazz, funk, and bossa and lounge tracks, with ... more info

luis enriquez bacalov - la seduzione (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

luis enriquez bacalov - la seduzione (12inch vinyl lp)

sonor music editions (it)
Sonor Music Editions present a reissue of La Seduzione, originally released in 1973. An Italian soundtrack holy grail and one of the most highly regarded scores by the majestic Oscar Award winning maestro Luis Enriquez Bacalov. This is the original soundtrack for the drama/erotic film of the same name directed by Fernando Di Leo and shot in beautiful Sicily, Italy. The music on La Seduzione totally destroys all his soundtrack productions with a big ... more info

the fun years - heroes of the second story walk-up (cassette) Buy Now 

the fun years - heroes of the second story walk-up (cassette)

spring break tapes (us)
"It is the most fully formed and expressive of the Fun Years’ ten albums to date and an immersive emotional Rorschach test, where each moment scans differently depending on what you bring to it. A forty-five-minute suite of seven interwoven pieces, Walk-Up moves like a long piano sonata, where each movement seems to comment on the same subject but never in quite the same way. The approach enables an emotional breadth and accessibility that can be ... more info

luar domatrix - non glance (cassette) Buy Now 

luar domatrix - non glance (cassette)

sucata tapes (uk)
Last seen meddling with Portuguese workers chants on Antologia De Musica Atipica Portuguesa Vol. 1: O Trabalho (CREP 035LP, 2017), Portuguese artist Luar Domatrix sketches an eerie sci-fi inspired tape for the ever evolving Sucata Tapes imprint. Hesitant basslines conflict with lush distant drones and unsteady beats to present an alternate reality where anything is indeed what it seems.

monte burrows - ikki ni (cassette) Buy Now 

monte burrows - ikki ni (cassette)

wounded knife (pl)
Field recordings, drone and decay

band of pain/nurse with wound - abbey rd (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

band of pain/nurse with wound - abbey rd (12inch vinyl lp)

very friendly (uk)
Very Friendly Records present the first Band Of Pain full length LP for some years. Along with Band Of Pain mainstay, Steve Pittis, there are also appearances from Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton and Andrew Liles. Pressed on audiophile 180 gram black vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

drone - a perfect blind (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

drone - a perfect blind (12inch vinyl lp)

pomperipossa records (se)
Disruption between then and now/memory and presence, dulcimer, psaltery, 'cellos, violas and violin embroider radio, static, stray voices, and electronics... A Perfect Blind is the second album by Drøne (Mark Van Hoen and Mike Harding) with an array of guest artists, including label supremo Anna von Hausswolff, dreamer and composer Paul Haslinger, field recordist and sound designer Charlie Campagna and Touch artists Bethan Kellough and Philip Jeck. ... more info

flower travellin' band - anywhere (12inch vinyl lp + cd) Buy Now 

flower travellin' band - anywhere (12inch vinyl lp + cd)

phoenix records (uk)
A reissue of the first album from the legendary Japanese rockers, Flower Travellin' Band, fronted by Yuya Uchida. Although an album consisting mainly of cover versions, Anywhere, originally released in 1970, still exhibited many of the musical traits that were to come to the fore on the band's next release in 1971, the classic Satori (ASH 3002CD/LP), an album of original material delivered with panache by the increasingly confident Uchida. An album ... more info

goat - goatfuzz (7inch vinyl) Buy Now 

goat - goatfuzz (7inch vinyl)

rocket recordings (uk)
Limited edition of 2000. "Splatter" colored vinyl. Swedish band Goat present a previously unreleased edit of "Goatfuzz," a standout track from their 2016 album Requiem. It's backed with the previously unreleased 2017 track "Goatfizz," which once again shows another side to the band's take on "world music."

max richter - three worlds: music from woolf works (cd) Buy Now 

max richter - three worlds: music from woolf works (cd)

deutsche grammophon (de)
Following the success of SLEEP, Max Richter reveals his latest recording project – a new album entitled Three Worlds: music from Woolf Works. It’s drawn from his music to Wayne McGregor’s award-winning Royal Ballet production Woolf Works – inspired by the works of Virginia Woolf – and will be released on Deutsche Grammophon on 27th January. Woolf Works returns to the Royal Opera House, London, from 21st January to 14th February, with a worldwide ... more info

sand - golem (silver and black vinyl) (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

sand - golem (silver and black vinyl) (12inch vinyl lp)

rotorelief (fr)
There is something magical and inexplicable about creation, and Sand manifest absolutely these mysterious phenomena. Storytellers, musicians, shamans, geniuses, Sand were known, at the end of the '60s, as P.O.T. (Part Of Time). Then Sand - Ludwig Papenberg and his brother Ullrich, and Johannes Vester - developed a more avant-gardist, proto-industrial, visionary experimental approach, a truly unique entity in the history of music. Not dependent on a ... more info

suzanne ciani - fish music (7inch vinyl) Buy Now 

suzanne ciani - fish music (7inch vinyl)

finders keepers (uk)
Single-sided "aquatic clear" 7". Includes a copy of the original press release as well as a press cutting from the time. Limited edition of 1000. As the first and only label dedicated to liberating the private, non-commercial artifacts from Suzanne Ciani's groundbreaking Ciani Musica studio vault, Finders Keepers Records presents the first release of an incredible cryogenically suspended slice of precious, precocious, immersive fledgling synthesis. ... more info

the brian jonestown massacre - pol pot's pleasure penthouse (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the brian jonestown massacre - pol pot's pleasure penthouse (2x12inch vinyl lp)

a recordings (uk)
First time vinyl release of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Pol Pot's Pleasure Penthouse. The only time this album was ever officially released was on cassette on Burger Records (in a limited edition of 500). Recorded in 1990/91 on a four-track at Anton Newcombe's home in San Francisco, Pol Pot's Pleasure Penthouse best described in Anton's own words: "when I left home and moved to San Francisco, first thing on my mind was joining a band... the ... more info

va - guitars of the golden triangle: folk and pop music from myanmar (burma) vol 2 (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

va - guitars of the golden triangle: folk and pop music from myanmar (burma) vol 2 (2x12inch vinyl lp)

sublime frequencies (us)
Limited double LP vinyl gatefold edition of the long out-of-print CD from 2005 compiled by Alan Bishop. Never before presented or heard outside a minority of the Burmese community, this unbelievable collection of raw garage rock, psychedelia, folk, blues, and country music is a product of Shan and Pa'o musicians hailing from Myanmar's largest province of Shan State - an area larger than the entire state of New York expanding across sub-tropic ... more info

bochum welt - april (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

bochum welt - april (12inch vinyl lp)

!k7 (de)
LIMITED TO 200 COPIES IN THE UNITED STATES Veteran Italian hardware lover Bochum Welt is back with a sixth studio album entitled April. Due for release on !K7 in April 2017, it is a broad 16 track exploration of ambient, IDM and downtempo that revisits and re-edits old works as well as offering up music previously unavailable on vinyl.

caterina barbieri - patterns of consciousness (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

caterina barbieri - patterns of consciousness (2x12inch vinyl lp)

important records (us)
Patterns Of Consciousness is the powerful second full-length from analog synth composer Caterina Barbieri. Gorgeous high resolution analog textures and algorithmic melodies unfold under Barbieri's careful control, exploring the basic nature of sound and consciousness. These pieces are minimal in arrangement but maximal in presence asserting Barbieri as a unique voice in contemporary electronic music composition. Patterns Of Consciousness was ... more info

dustin o'halloran & hauschka - lion ost (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dustin o'halloran & hauschka - lion ost (12inch vinyl lp)

music on vinyl (nl)
Limited 180gram blue vinyl with 4 page booklet. Lion received six Oscar nominations at the 89th Academy Awards, including Best Original Score, Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Patel), Best Supporting Actress (Kidman) and Best Adapted Screenplay. Dustin O'Halloran (Transparent) and Hauschka teamed up to write the score for the film.

german army - diaspora of intolerance (2cd) Buy Now 

german army - diaspora of intolerance (2cd)

dub ditch picnic (ca)
Diaspora of Intolerance by German Army Diaspora of Intolerance marks the 2nd in an ongoing archival series Dub Ditch Picnic has been working on with German Army – the First being 2015’s “In Transit” DDP 1971.061 For this installment, we’ve collected the sessions that became the Barrineans cassette on Lava Church, the T’rung cassette on Lighten Up Sounds, and the Self Titled tape on Trapdoor Tapes. The result is a massive 36 track near 2 hour Double ... more info

helena hauff - a tape (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

helena hauff - a tape (2x12inch vinyl lp)

dark entries (us)
We are honored to present ‘A Tape’, a double LP of early work by Helena Hauff, a DJ and record producer based in Hamburg, Germany. At university she studied fine art, physics, and systematic music science. She previously was a resident at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel Club, where she hosted a night called Birds and Other Instruments. As a selector she weaves energetically between electro, new wave, and EBM. Her music, often recorded live in one take, has a ... more info

moggi aka piero umiliani - double face (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

moggi aka piero umiliani - double face (12inch vinyl lp)

overdrive (it)
Overdrive present a reissue of Moggi's (aka Piero Umiliani) Double Face, a hard-to-find Italian library record, originally released in 1981. The A side is Umiliani's compositions performed by a traditional string orchestra. The tracks have been synthesized for side B, exclusively by electronic instruments. At this point, the music becomes futuristic and brilliant. 180 gram vinyl.

rishaug marhaug - corneal clouds (cassette) Buy Now 

rishaug marhaug - corneal clouds (cassette)

the tapeworm (uk)
Norwegian sound artists Alexander Rishaug and Lasse Marhaug have worked together as a duo for almost 20 years. In this time they have produced one album, 2004's Feel Free At Home. Now, the pair are ready with their follow-up: Corneal Clouds. The music was recorded in 2012, then put through an extensive and meticulous fermentation process of five years until now -- at last -- it is ready for the public. Rishaug Marhaug promotes positive thinking ... more info

tod dockstader - eight electronic pieces (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

tod dockstader - eight electronic pieces (12inch vinyl lp)

etats-unis (us)
Originally self-released in 1961 and later issued by Folkways, Tod Dockstader’s Eight Electronic Pieces is a foundational document of American electronic music and a stunning first work from this revolutionary composer. Refused access to the resources and funding of the academy and without any interest from the record industry, Dockstader assembled his debut album through three years of his own private labor – recording after-hours at the New York ... more info