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ande somby w/chris watson - yoiking with the winged ones (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ande somby w/chris watson - yoiking with the winged ones (12inch vinyl lp)

ash international (uk)
$16.60  $13.28
Save: 20% off
Yoiking with the Winged Ones is a vinyl record with yoiks yoiked by Ánde Somby and recorded and mixed by Chris Watson. Yoiking is the ancient chanting practice of the Sámi people, the indigenous inhabitants of the Arctic area of Sápmi, today encompassing the far north of Europe. Yoiking's origins date from time immemorial -- legend has it that it was the fairies and elves of the Arctic lands who gave yoiks to the Sámi. Yoiking was an important ... more info

aphex twin - syro (3x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

aphex twin - syro (3x12inch vinyl lp)

warp records (uk)
$28.46  $19.92
Save: 30% off
*3xLP gatefold 140g with download.* “Whenever one of the most celebrated and influential electronic fartist, Richard D. James can compete with the music flip to influence built. The better part of a decagon, James Polygon Window, Caustic Window, GAK and maintain, including `Aphex Twin has unreleased music under several thousand monikers great pace. Began in the late 1780s and 90s during a turn in its manufacturing and technical skills, and nikharana ... more info

arash moori - heterodyne (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

arash moori - heterodyne (12inch vinyl lp)

type (uk)
$18.10  $14.48
Save: 20% off
"I'm going to do something I never do -- I'm going to write this press release in the first person. This is a very special release for Type and it's been a long time coming. I met Arash Moori when we both attended the same Art School in Birmingham in 2000. We quickly realized that we both liked music -- I think it was a shared love of To Rococo Rot or Metamatics that sparked the first conversation -- and within weeks of meeting each other we were ... more info

arca - mutant (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

arca - mutant (2x12inch vinyl lp)

mute (us)
$26.80  $21.44
Save: 20% off
*Red Vinyl Edition* Double LP edition of the fantastic new album from Arca, the follow up to his 2014 defining debut "Xen". Includes download coupon.

arthur russell - tower of meaning (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

arthur russell - tower of meaning (12inch vinyl lp)

audika records (us)
$19.60  $15.68
Save: 20% off
"Arthur's epic minimalist orchestral composition conducted by the late Julius Eastman. Stunningly beautiful, mercurial, and moving. The transcendental, ephemeral soundscape originally intended for theatrical performance. First released in 1983 on Chatham Square. The Audika release replicates the original artwork with remastered audio." 'Almost medievally pure music in which tone combinations of two or three notes tuned to modal/raga scales are played ... more info

arvo part - the sound of arvo part (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

arvo part - the sound of arvo part (12inch vinyl lp)

rhino (us)
$22.40  $20.16
Save: 10% off
Arvo Pärt creates music of deceptive simplicity, and listening to his work can be a transformative experience. Imagine taking your ears on a retreat, and you’re some way to understanding why his work is so popular. The Estonian composer underwent his own transformation in the 1970s, having explored dense avant-garde music in the early part of his career. He put himself through an eight-year creative exile, and emerged with a new, purer voice. The ... more info

autre ne veut - anxiety (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

autre ne veut - anxiety (12inch vinyl lp)

software (us)
$14.26  $9.98
Save: 30% off
Daniel Lopatin's project as Oneohtrix Point Never has often split the difference between noisy experimentalism and contorted day-glo pop, illuminating a world that has been surprisingly rich. While previous releases on Software Recordings, the label run by Lopatin and his partner Joel Ford, have only represented one side of the equation (i.e. Tim Hecker and Pete Swanson), that will undoubtedly change with Autre Ne Veut's sophomore full-length. Arthur ... more info

belbury poly - new ways out (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

belbury poly - new ways out (12inch vinyl lp)

ghost box (uk)
$21.80  $19.62
Save: 10% off
The eagerly awaitied fifth album from The Belbury Poly, the work of Ghost Box co-founder Jim Jupp. Jupp and his loose ensemble of session musicians create a unique kind of upbeat spookiness. They meld krautrock, glam, faux folk and ancient TV soundtracks across eleven joyous, slightly camp and oddly unsettling instrumentals. On one hand these are light, escapist mood pieces, but as ever with Ghost Box records there’s an eerie sense that these sounds ... more info

ben frost - aurora (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ben frost - aurora (12inch vinyl lp)

mute (us)
$17.15  $12.00
Save: 30% off
5th album from Ben Frost, performed by Ben Frost with Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy), Shahzad Ismaily and Thor Harris (SWANS) and largely written in Eastern DR Congo, A U R O R A aims directly, through its monolithic construction, at blinding luminescent alchemy; not with benign heavenly beauty but through decimating magnetic force.

best available technology - neon razor chain (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

best available technology - neon razor chain (12inch vinyl)

left blank (uk)
$11.69  $8.18
Save: 30% off
Left blank return from a long hiatus with their first and only release of 2014, from portland's best available technology. Kevin palmer is someone the label has been in touch with and an admirer of for a long time now, and after acclaimed releases for opal tapes and astro:dynamics amongst others, we're thrilled to finally be able to put out some of his most uncompromising music yet. headed up by the relentless metallic post punk of title track 'neon ... more info

biosphere - patashnik (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

biosphere - patashnik (2x12inch vinyl lp)

biophon (no)
$26.70  $24.03
Save: 10% off
Double LP version. Patashnik was originally released by R&S Records/Apollo in 1994. It was number 1 in NME's Independent Chart in March 1994 and reached number 50 in the UK official album chart. The track "Novelty Waves" was used in Michel Gondry's Levi's 501 Jeans "Drugstore" spot, and holds, according to the Guinness World Records 2004, the record for "Most awards won by a TV commercial". Double CD version comes with the bonus 12-track album ... more info

brian eno - the ship (2x12inch vinyl lp deluxe) Buy Now 

brian eno - the ship (2x12inch vinyl lp deluxe)

warp records (uk)
$25.10  $20.08
Save: 20% off
*Deluxe edition. Transparent vinyl. Gatefold with printed inners. 4 individual prints. Download coupon.* Humankind seems to teeter between hubris and paranoia: the hubris of our ever-growing power contrasts with the paranoia that we're permanently and increasingly under threat. At the zenith we realize we have to come down again...we know that we have more than we deserve or can defend, so we become nervous. Somebody, something is going to take it ... more info

brood ma - daze (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

brood ma - daze (12inch vinyl lp)

tri angle records (us)
$18.70  $14.96
Save: 20% off
Marking this as his debut on Tri Angle, DAZE is actually the third in a series of wildly ambitious and confounding albums Brood Ma has put his name to in the last few years, generating a good deal of intrigue and acclaim along the way. His first release ‘FISSION’ turned heads with its juddering, noisy take on EBM, while the follow up, ‘Populous’ (reissued in 2014 by pioneering dubstep label Hemlock), signaled for many the arrival of a genuinely ... more info

caroline k - now wait for last year (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

caroline k - now wait for last year (12inch vinyl lp)

blackest ever black (uk)
$29.40  $23.52
Save: 20% off
First ever vinyl reissue of Caroline K's outstanding 1985 album, Now Wait For Last Year. This haunting, wistful work of post-industrial synthesizer music - the late Nocturnal Emissions co-founder's only solo record - has accrued a fervent cult following over the past 30 years, and copies of the original pressing are today extremely sought-after. Tags like industrial, minimal synth or proto-techno can't really do justice to the richly cinematic ... more info

celer - jima (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

celer - jima (12inch vinyl lp)

i, absentee (us)
$19.70  $13.79
Save: 30% off
Launched in 2005, Celer is the work of Will Long, an American musician, educator, writer and photographer living in Japan, who also curates the Two Acorns label. Initially a duo based in California with Danielle Baquet, Celer has continued as a solo project since 2009, releasing music on numerous esteemed labels, such as Home Normal, Infraction, Spekk, and/OAR and many more. In addition, Will has collaborated on projects with notable artists such as ... more info

chris marker - la jetee (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

chris marker - la jetee (12inch vinyl lp)

superior viaduct (us)
$21.80  $17.44
Save: 20% off
“This is the story of a man, marked by an image from his childhood.” Thus begins, with deceptive simplicity, Chris Marker’s La Jetée (1962). The film, by far Marker’s best-known work, synthesizes many of the elusive filmmaker’s central preoccupations – time and memory, power and resistance, the ephemerality and resilience of love – yet it also undermines the very idea of film. Composed almost entirely of still photographs, La Jetée quite literally ... more info

christian fennesz & jim o'rourke - it's hard for me to say i'm sorry (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

christian fennesz & jim o'rourke - it's hard for me to say i'm sorry (12inch vinyl lp)

editions mego (at)
$21.00  $18.90
Save: 10% off
Despite decades of activity and having crossed paths in various collaborations, this release presents the first-ever duo recording from two of the most highly regarded citizens of planet experimental electronic. Individually, Jim O'Rourke and Christian Fennesz have been responsible for numerous legendary works that merge the traditional avant-garde with contemporary sensibilities. On It's Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry these giants of experimental ... more info

clay rendering - snowthorn (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

clay rendering - snowthorn (12inch vinyl lp)

hospital productions (us)
$25.60  $17.92
Save: 30% off
LP version. Perhaps the most compelling of the many projects started by one-time members of Wolf Eyes, Mike and Tara Connelly's Clay Rendering came to life in 2013 and have since released a trio of singles for Hospital Productions that have gained them the admiration of followers spanning the electronic and metal communities. Their material occupies unique terrain, recalling The Cure's widescreen Disintegration-era instrumentals cut through with a ... more info

container - vegetation ep (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

container - vegetation ep (12inch vinyl)

diagonal (uk)
$16.60  $14.94
Save: 10% off
North American noise techno juggernaut, Ren Schofield, a.k.a. Container, delivers Vegetation EP with a loony, snaggle-toothed grin. Vegetation extracts five fanged floor tools that make few concessions to notions of "progress" or "refinement" in his process. The metallic, skidding patterns of "Vegetation" get in your skin before thwacking about with gleeful abandon to the gush curdled acid tones and salty, spattered drum machines of "Soak". "Funnel" ... more info

dalhous - the composite moods collection vol. 1: house number 44 (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dalhous - the composite moods collection vol. 1: house number 44 (2x12inch vinyl lp)

blackest ever black (uk)
$31.40  $25.12
Save: 20% off
house number 44 is the first volume of the composite moods collection, a cycle of dalhous recordings that examines the relationship between two individuals cohabiting in a confined space -- their interactions, their sense of self and of each other, and the pregnant space between. one of these people, perhaps the protagonist of house number 44, is (or at least feels) in fine mental health. the other appears distinctly unwell -- detached, isolated, ... more info

daniel higgs - the fools sermon, part 1 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

daniel higgs - the fools sermon, part 1 (12inch vinyl lp)

ideologic organ (fr)
$21.00  $18.90
Save: 10% off
Part 1 of The Fools Sermon as composed by and recorded by Daniel Higgs. Features Eli Winograd on bass and bass keyboard and Fumie Ishii on drums & voice and Higgs on banjo and voice. "Daniel Higgs once told me that the Earth is actually in its 34th life cycle. That everything has been conceived, created, grown, withered and ultimately been destroyed a grand total of thirty three times to date. As for quite how long this ourobouros-esque pattern will ... more info

david toop - entities inertias faint beings (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

david toop - entities inertias faint beings (12inch vinyl lp)

room40 (au)
$23.00  $20.70
Save: 10% off
"The music existed already, spores maybe or dormant clusters of digital files. Out of three periods of solitude the germination began. The first was in Queensland, on Tamborine Mountain (an aboriginal name), so silent at night that I listened to recorded music - Japanese Gagaku, Buddhist ritual from Bhutan, Korean Confucian music - as if drifting into cavernous black space. Stepping into sleep I saw a hypnagogic image - a transparent swimming pool ... more info

dino spiluttini and nils quak - modular anxiety (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

dino spiluttini and nils quak - modular anxiety (12inch vinyl lp)

umor rex (mx)
$88.00  $61.60
Save: 30% off
Modular Anxiety is a split LP comprised of 10 tracks that present an audacious pair of new faces in the land of ambient/drone synth music. One side belongs to Vienna based Dino Spiluttini, (past releases on Home Normal, Beatismurder), and the other to Nils Quak of Cologne (Nomadic Kids Republic, Sis Sic Tapes). It could be argued that for each common trait that binds them, twice as many throw them apart. If the same words can be used to describe ... more info

driftmachine - colliding contours (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

driftmachine - colliding contours (12inch vinyl lp)

umor rex (mx)
$15.00  $12.00
Save: 20% off
Berlin-based duo Driftmachine returns with another striking piece of music. “Colliding Contours” is a shape-shifting album made from kosmische, dub, Industrial and Avant-garde elements. It’s all held together by tense grooves and a post-club, eerie electronic atmosphere. The latest work of Driftmachine offers a complex dialogue between genres and music styles, transcending the familiar by generating a peculiar mood through its unique take on modular ... more info

eric holm - andoya (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

eric holm - andoya (12inch vinyl lp)

subtext (uk)
$24.55  $19.64
Save: 20% off
2015 repress. Subtext presents the debut album from the London-based American electronic musician Eric Holm. The release brings together a collection of recordings produced on the Arctic island of Andřya, an outpost 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Developed entirely from a single contact mic recording from a remote telegraph pole that connects the island's array of military listening stations, Holm crafts a detailed expansion of this ... more info

f ingers - hide before dinner (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

f ingers - hide before dinner (12inch vinyl lp)

blackest ever black (uk)
$26.80  $21.44
Save: 20% off
Hide Before Dinner is an extraordinary LP from a group comprising Carla dal Forno (Tarcar), Samuel Karmel, and Tarquin Manek (Tarcar, LST). Deeply drugged, synth-daubed death-folk and DIY electronics of the highest order; acutely psychedelic, inscrutable but emotional, sunken but prone to soaring, with flashes of horror too. Beautifully conjures the mirth and murk of childhood summers... a relatable surburban gothic... grazed knees, hide-and-seek, ... more info

giuseppe ielasi - rhetorical islands (cd) Buy Now 

giuseppe ielasi - rhetorical islands (cd)

senufo editions (it)
$14.26  $9.98
Save: 30% off
Original materials produced for an untitled piece commissioned by Jérôme Noetinger for l'Audible Festival, Paris 2011. A few sounds taken from the '15cds' tape, released on Entr'acte. Recomposed, mixed and mastered in Dec. 2012. Letterpress sleeve printed by Ben Owen / Middle Press. Numbered edition of 320 copies.

harry bertoia - complete sonambient collection (11cd box) Buy Now 

harry bertoia - complete sonambient collection (11cd box)

important records (us)
$89.90  $80.91
Save: 10% off
*NOW SHIPPING* Harry Bertoia's Complete Sonambient Collection features all 11 of Bertoia's original records newly restored from their master tapes and housed in replica jackets. A heavy duty box, printed with metallic inks, holds the 11 discs as well as a 100-page book containing a lengthy historical essay, an interview with Harry Bertoia from the Smithsonian Archives of American Art, exclusive Sonambient-era material from the Bertoia archive, modern ... more info

head technician - zones (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

head technician - zones (12inch vinyl lp)

ecstatic (us)
$22.20  $19.98
Save: 10% off
Not Waving's Ecstatic label catch Martin Jenkins (Pye Corner Audio) in Head Technician garb for a slippery set of slow, plasmid acid workouts titled Zones. Originally issued on a super-limited tape (2015), presented here on vinyl. Over the years since he first mooted the Pye Corner Audio sound in 2010, Jenkins has used the Head Technician alter ego as a sort of evil engineer Hyde analogous to his day-to-day Jekyll, a sort of "hyperstitious" studio ... more info

henning christiansen - requiem of art fluxorum organum ii opus 50 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

henning christiansen - requiem of art fluxorum organum ii opus 50 (12inch vinyl lp)

penultimate press (uk)
$27.80  $22.24
Save: 20% off
Requiem of Art Fluxorum organum II Opus 50 was first issued in 1973 by Edition Schellmann alongside Schottische Symphonie with Joseph Beuys. This is the authoritative version of one of the greatest works by the late Henning Christiansen (1932-2008), Danish composer and Fluxus artist, presented with the full cooperation with the Henning Christiansen estate. 180-gram LP in spot-varnished sleeve with a four-page high-gloss booklet containing the ... more info

hintermass - the apple tree (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

hintermass - the apple tree (12inch vinyl lp)

ghost box (uk)
$23.80  $19.04
Save: 20% off
*Heavyweight vinyl LP w download lavishly packed with artwork by Julian House* The Apple Tree is the first LP from Hintermass following their Study Series single for Ghost Box in 2011. The duo comprises Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) and Tim Felton (formerly of Broadcast and Seeland). Both are multi instrumentalists, lending the album its rich texture of electronics, guitar, keyboards, percussion and exotic acoustic instrumentation. The sound is ... more info

holly herndon - movement (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

holly herndon - movement (12inch vinyl lp)

rvng intl. (us)
$12.24  $8.57
Save: 30% off
*DELAYED DUE TO DAMAGES - EXPECTED MID DECEMBER* I remember hearing Holly Herndon's sprawling exercise in precise, if not bizzare, synthesis with last year's "Car," but even with how much I enjoyed that, I wasn't prepared for how impressive "Movement" is. Herndon has honed in on the ideas presented on "Car," while adding in some unexpected dance elements to mix it all up. Album standout, "Fade," is the most accessible with 4/4 rhythms and chopped-up ... more info

holly herndon - platform (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

holly herndon - platform (2x12inch vinyl lp)

rvng intl. (us)
$23.30  $16.31
Save: 30% off
Holly Herndon has become a leading light in contemporary alternative and electronic music by fearlessly experimenting within the outer reaches of dance music and pop songwriting structures. A galvanizing statement, Platform cements Herndon's reputation as a unique musician with a singular voice. Born in Tennessee, but reared on music abroad, Herndon broke out from her formative years in Berlin's minimal techno scene to repatriate to San Francisco, ... more info

ian william craig - meaning turns to whispers (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

ian william craig - meaning turns to whispers (12inch vinyl lp)

aguirre records (be)
$23.00  $20.70
Save: 10% off
Aguirre Records present Ian William Craig's Meaning Turns to Whispers. Ian is a trained opera singer and painter out of Vancouver, Canada. Over the last few years he has proved to be one of the most original artists active in the ambient/experimental genre. His debut A Turn Of Breath (2014) and the follow-up, Cradle For The Wanting (2015) received high acclaim. Meaning Turns to Whispers is a combination of piano improvisations and FM feedback loops, ... more info

iannis xenakis - la legende d'eer (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

iannis xenakis - la legende d'eer (12inch vinyl lp)

karlrecords (de)
$20.20  $18.18
Save: 10% off
The second release in the Perihel series is one of the most famous electroacoustic compositions by Iannis Xenakis. When Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001), who had fought against the occupation as part of the communist resistance, moved to Paris in 1947 it was the start of a highly creative and impressive career. Xenakis not only studied composition with Olivier Messiaen and became one of the most innovative composers of the 20th century, he also worked as ... more info

idea fire company - lost at sea (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

idea fire company - lost at sea (12inch vinyl lp)

recital (us)
$15.80  $11.06
Save: 30% off
Lost At Sea imagines the Idea Fire Company as the bar band on a small cruise ship. There are approximately 40 passengers aboard. Around 2/3 of them are in the lounge for the nightly IFCO performance. Most of them seem more interested in drink than in music. The ship has become lost and seems to be endlessly circling. Well stocked with booze and food, etc., the ship continues on. IFCO, armed with only a piano and trumpet/ radio/ synth, provide the ... more info

indek - ghost archive (cassette + download) ... more info
indek - ghost archive (cassette + download)

dream disc records (ca)
$7.00  $5.60
Save: 20% off
*Limited Cassette edition - includes immediate download.* “A startling, fractured take on post-industrial grime and IDM sent through an open cenobite portal, Jeremy Bible's alter-ego, Indek, has created one of the most challenging and intriguing albums of 2015. With electronic beats tuned to insinkerator at irregular intervals and pregnant pauses that make the oncoming onslaught hit even harder, Ghost Archive's low-end and stuttering, harshened beats ... more info

inventing masks (giuseppe ielasi) - inventing masks (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

inventing masks (giuseppe ielasi) - inventing masks (12inch vinyl lp)

error broadcast (uk)
$20.70  $16.56
Save: 20% off
Giuseppe Ielasi is an electro-acoustic musician based in Milan. He runs the micro label Senufo Editions. Originally released in 2013, Error Broadcast re-issued ‘Stunt (Appendix)’ just recently (ebc028). Here Giuseppe Ielasi delivers a highly unique take on beat music. After a hiatus of three years Inventing Masks is a new moniker the producer uses to publish his self-titled debut LP. ‘Inventing Masks’ comprises six concentric but slightly ... more info

james ferraro - rerex (3x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

james ferraro - rerex (3x12inch vinyl lp)

aguirre records (be)
$40.60  $36.54
Save: 10% off
Aguirre Records present a reissue and the first vinyl release of James Ferraro's Rerex, originally released in 2009. James Ferraro is an experimental musician, composer and virtual atmospherist born in Bronx, New York. Ferraro has released material under a wide array of aliases, and was a member of the Californian two-piece avant-garde project The Skaters. His album Far Side Virtual (2011) was chosen as "Album of the Year" by the UK's Wire Magazine ... more info

jan st. werner - felder (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jan st. werner - felder (12inch vinyl lp)

thrill jockey (us)
$17.80  $14.24
Save: 20% off
Felder is an infinite, boundless creation that unravels upon every listen. Werner has created sounds that are listenable and inviting, complex but approachable and, mostly, completely unidentifiable. “Felder” means “fields” in German, and here the word refers to conceptual frameworks and subjects, and sound fields. Werner is a cultivator — a farmer — of the various sounds, from metal scratched on a big glass window to piano phrases found on a private ... more info

jane weaver - the amber light (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jane weaver - the amber light (12inch vinyl lp)

bird (uk)
$26.60  $23.94
Save: 10% off
After almost two years of busy tour schedules and widespread unanimous critical acclaim, longstanding experimental pop crusader Jane Weaver finally commits one of her most requested projects to vinyl in the shape of dedicated mini-album The Amber Light. Originally issued as a limited CD-only bonus disc for The Silver Globe album global re-release, The Amber Light surprised fans expecting B-sides and outtakes with what for many stood up as its own ... more info

jannick schou - act of shimmering (12inch vinyl lp + download) ... more info
jannick schou - act of shimmering (12inch vinyl lp + download)

experimedia (us)
$14.73  $10.31
Save: 30% off
First 100 copies on transparent blue vinyl. New album from Denmark's Jannick Schou on Experimedia. Limited pressing of 300 copies. Handmade cd edition here. The Act of Shimmering is the act of leaving conscious thought behind. It's accepting what lies beyond the corporeal, transcending the physical; the soul is aware and the body, eyes, skin are distant empty casings. A clamorous, chaotic cacophony surrounds a beatific center. An endless assault of ... more info

jannick schou - fabrik (12inch vinyl lp + download) ... more info
jannick schou - fabrik (12inch vinyl lp + download)

experimedia (us)
$14.73  $10.31
Save: 30% off
LIMITED LP EDITION OF 300 COPIES. INCLUDES IMMEDIATE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD WITH BONUS REMIXES. After nearly a year of preparation & 6 months at the pressing plant Experimedia is pleased to present "Fabrik" the second album on Experimedia by Denmark's Jannick Schou following his 2011 album "The Act of Shimmering". Like his 2013 self released EP "Fasjil", "Fabrik" sees Schou further fold his powerful ambient sound into deep & heavy techno territories. ... more info

jerman • barnes - versatile ambience (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jerman • barnes - versatile ambience (12inch vinyl lp)

idea intermedia (us)
$25.50  $22.95
Save: 10% off
Across a dozen years and the distance from Cottonwood, Arizona to Louisville, Kentucky, the duo of Jeph Jerman and Tim Barnes has offered powerful, minimal music rooted in a shared dedication to the creative act of listening. After issuing only sporadic releases over most of those years, Versatile Ambience has arrived just a year after the widely-praised Matterings (Erstwhile Records), making this one of the most productive periods in the duo’s ... more info

jim o'rourke / giovanni di domenico - arco (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

jim o'rourke / giovanni di domenico - arco (12inch vinyl lp)

die schachtel (it)
$25.34  $17.74
Save: 30% off
Starting with this release (despite the fact that its catalog number numerically precedes ZEITC 017CD), Die Schachtel switches its Zeit Composers series to the vinyl format and begins opening up to international artists besides the usual Italian suspects. This LP features the collaborative effort of Belgium-based composer Giovanni di Domenico (of Italian origins) and avant-everything master Jim O'Rourke. A long composition for strings and ... more info

johann johannsson with hildur gudnadottir & robert aiki aubrey lowe - end of summer (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

johann johannsson with hildur gudnadottir & robert aiki aubrey lowe - end of summer (12inch vinyl lp)

sonic pieces (de)
$25.80  $20.64
Save: 20% off
LP version in laser-cut cover with printed inner sleeve. Includes download code. End of Summer captures Jóhann Jóhannsson's journey to the Antarctic Peninsula to discover the calm scenery of a landscape changing seasons, barely influenced or even noticed by humanity. The Super 8 film is a comforting study of a peaceful setting in one of the most crucial and endangered areas of our planet. Accompanied by rich and detailed field recordings of the ... more info

john foxx and the belbury circle (w/ pye corner audio remix) - empty avenues (10inch vinyl) Buy Now 

john foxx and the belbury circle (w/ pye corner audio remix) - empty avenues (10inch vinyl)

ghost box (uk)
$14.51  $10.16
Save: 30% off
*Includes download coupon.* The EP features four songs, an instrumental and a remix of the title track Empty Avenues by Pye Corner Audio. The Belbury Circle is Jim Jupp of Belbury Poly and Jon Brooks of the Advisory Circle, and for this debut collaborative EP on Ghost Box they are joined by stalwart of British Electronica, John Foxx. The music of The Belbury Circle occupies the overlapping territories of Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle. Foxx's ... more info

jonas reinhardt - ganymede (12inch vinyl lp + dvd) Buy Now 

jonas reinhardt - ganymede (12inch vinyl lp + dvd)

constellation tatsu (us)
$19.55  $13.68
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*LP DVD POSTER* Inspired in equal measure by the throbbing urbanity of coastal cities, continental European art-rock experimentation, left-field techno, and the freewheeling punk aesthetic of contemporary home studio recording, Jonas Reinhardt's music transcends its influences to bring into being a work that's wholly new while referencing a celebrated aesthetic of the past. Jonas Reinhardt's 'Ganymede' is an experimental science fiction film set on ... more info

joshua bonnetta - strange lines and distances (12inch vinyl lp + dvd) ... more info
joshua bonnetta - strange lines and distances (12inch vinyl lp + dvd)

experimedia (us)
$23.01  $16.11
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FOR EDUCATIONAL/INSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS PLEASE CONTACT Experimedia Films presents Strange Lines and Distances , an award winning two-channel audio-visual installation by artist Joshua Bonnetta which examines Guglielmo Marconi's first transatlantic radio broadcast. Presented as a special limited edition featuring DVD of the film, 12" Vinyl LP containing an extended score, Printed inner sleeve with Monograph by Jeffrey Sconce, ... more info

julianna barwick - will (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

julianna barwick - will (12inch vinyl lp)

dead oceans (us)
$17.70  $14.16
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*limited rose gold vinyl* julianna barwick's revelatory third full-length, will, is the brooklyn experimental artist's most surprising left turn to date. conceived and self-produced over the past year in a variety of locations, the electric will departs from the weighty lightness of 2013's nepenthe. if nepenthe conjured images of gentle fog rolling over desolate mountains, then will is a late afternoon thunderstorm, a cathartic collision of sharp and ... more info

kaitlyn aurelia smith - ears (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

kaitlyn aurelia smith - ears (12inch vinyl lp)

western vinyl (us)
$17.70  $14.16
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Listeners familiar with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith's previous album Euclid (an album that prompted Dazed to call her " of the most pioneering musicians in the world.") will no doubt notice her heavier use of vocals on her new album EARS. On all but one song, her gently ecstatic swells of vocals emerge to soar over a dense jungle of synths and woodwinds. After initially composing on a Buchla analog synth, she wrote arrangements for a woodwind ... more info

kamixlo - demonico (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

kamixlo - demonico (12inch vinyl)

codes (uk)
$16.40  $13.12
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Kamixlo lands on PAN and Visionist's relaunched Codes imprint with his debut EP. Kamixlo is a key member of South London's roaming Endless party. Following an appearance on collaborator Blaze Kidd's 2014 Exclusivo mixtape, Demonico is a stark, raw, and militant opening statement. From the satanic drones of opener "Otra Noche," Kamixlo's club-forward approach combines Latin influences of reggaeton and bachata with punishing crunch and spat percussion. ... more info

kangding ray - cory arcane (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

kangding ray - cory arcane (2x12inch vinyl lp)

raster-noton (de)
$23.00  $18.40
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Cory Arcane found her comfort zone in a constant state of crisis, and her liberation through love, sensuality, and high-speed internet access. As some might recall, she used to struggle with her own decay, navigating an intricate web of bureaucracy, endless social-media scrolling, 24-hour news channel feeds, and marketed strategies of seduction. Her intense and continuous obsession for surf, breakdancing, and cat videos might have saved her from a ... more info

kerridge - fatal light attraction (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

kerridge - fatal light attraction (2x12inch vinyl lp)

downwards (uk)
$23.80  $19.04
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Kerridge returns to Downwards in 2016 with the custom-built electronics of Fatal Light Attraction following 2015's incursions on his own Contort label. The project premiered at Berlin Atonal 2015 with Kerridge working alongside Andrej Boleslavský and Maria Júdová to create an intense, kinetic shadowplay synched as a counterpart to the music and performance. As Kerridge's third long-player, Fatal Light Attraction marks a more fluid -- or effluent -- ... more info

kevin drumm - phantom jerk (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

kevin drumm - phantom jerk (12inch vinyl lp)

bocian (pl)
$20.25  $16.20
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Modular analogue synth drone ala Imperial Distortion. Limited edition of 400.

lawrence english + werner dafeldecker - shadow of the monolith (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

lawrence english + werner dafeldecker - shadow of the monolith (12inch vinyl lp)

holotype editions (gr)
$19.34  $13.54
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Shadow of the Monolith is the collaboration of acclaimed artists Lawrence English and Werner Dafeldecker. Recorded across the Antarctic Peninsula and produced in Brisbane Australia, Shadow of the Monolith works across aesthetic disciplines exploring electroacoustic transformations of atmospheric, hydrophonic and ionospheric materials. The raw materials have been layered, processed and structured into a record that drifts from dense microscopic cracks ... more info

lee gamble - koch (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

lee gamble - koch (2x12inch vinyl lp)

pan (uk)
$27.52  $19.26
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Following up from the success of his emphatic PAN releases Dutch Tvashar Plumes (PAN 036LP) and Diversions 1994-1996 (PAN 033LP) in 2012, PAN is excited to announce Koch (pronounced "cotch"), the new album from London's Lee Gamble. Sharing some stylistic affinity with his previous records, which excavated his deeply personal history with UK jungle and rave, and techno, this new work dives even deeper to reveal a singular and intimate musical vantage ... more info

loren connors - the departing of a dream vol. v (10inch vinyl) Buy Now 

loren connors - the departing of a dream vol. v (10inch vinyl)

family vineyard (us)
$14.10  $11.28
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After ten years, legendary avant guitarist Loren Connors returns to his much acclaimed and beloved The Departing of a Dream series. Initially based loosely as tribute to Miles Davis' masterwork "He Loved Him Madly," Connors delves further into the inspiration to explore melody as a slow-moving spectrum of shades projected against a fragile, often decaying ambiance. Volume Five continues the theme, as Connors coaxes complex blues mutations and wide ... more info

low jack - garifuna variations (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

low jack - garifuna variations (12inch vinyl lp)

l.i.e.s. (us)
$17.32  $12.12
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Originally composed for a live performance commissioned by the Quai Branly Museum in Paris, French producer Low Jack was given access to the museum's vast music library and used it as a basis for this project. His research focused on the Garifuna people of Honduras, composing a live set by sampling selected pieces from the library's music collection. Despite no initial intention to release this performance, the live recording was later brought to the ... more info

marcus schmickler - bari workshop (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

marcus schmickler - bari workshop (12inch vinyl lp)

presto!? (it)
$16.89  $11.82
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Bari Workshop hosted a group of medieval miniature manuscript painters who were amongst the experts in the recording of the history of science and who circulated knowledge around the world and across cultures. Greek texts on Euclidean geometry were translated into Arabic, and medieval Arabic manuscripts on optics and geometry migrated to Western Europe, where, translated into Latin, they contributed to the development of perspective in Renaissance ... more info

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