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good willsmith - the honeymoon workbook (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

good willsmith - the honeymoon workbook (12inch vinyl lp)

umor rex (mx)
*First 7 orders receive "14 Years of Desperate Research"* bonus cassette.* LP limited edition of 300 copies, pressed on orange opaque colored vinyl. Packaged in uncoated stock jackets with a double sided insert, black inner polylined sleeve, and free download. The Honeymoon Workbook is the first LP by Chicago-based trio Good Willsmith. Previous tape releases on the band's own Hausu Mountain label showcased improvised sessions of maximal, ... more info

maxwell august croy and sean mccann - i (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

maxwell august croy and sean mccann - i (12inch vinyl lp)

students of decay (us)
Composed and recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco, I is the debut full-length album by Maxwell August Croy and Sean McCann. Croy is best known for his work in Bay Area duo En, wherein he processes koto, voice and other instrumentation into ecstatic and nuanced drone-based recordings; McCann is a solo artist whose work continues to undergo seismic evolutions, manifested most recently on the justly lauded Music for Private Ensemble, an album of ... more info

brett naucke - seed (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

brett naucke - seed (12inch vinyl lp)

spectrum spools (us)
If previous releases for Nihilist, Arbor and his own Catholic Tapes established Chicago's Brett Naucke as one of the more accomplished practitioners in the American synth underground, Seed, his debut LP for Spectrum Spools, is a veritable career apex, brimming with sonic ingenuity, detail, and mastery over both instrument and musical form. It is hard to fathom due to the sheer diversity of sound and affectations of the eight individual pieces on the ... more info

killing sound - killing sound (2x12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

killing sound - killing sound (2x12inch vinyl)

blackest ever black (uk)
Oblique sound-system murderers from the trio of Amos Childs, Seb Gainsborough (Vessel) and Sam Kidel -- members of Bristol's noted Young Echo collective. Killing Sound make their full recorded debut on this self-titled 2x12", with four tracks cut obnoxiously loud across four sides by Matt Colton at Alchemy.

hecker - articulacao (cd) Buy Now 

hecker - articulacao (cd)

editions mego (at)
Editions Mego is proud to release Articulação, the latest work by Florian Hecker. Articulação deepens Hecker's collaboration with Reza Negarestani, author of the libretto created for Hinge. In two distinct renderings this piece articulates a complex scene in which the two obelisks of the script -- one from the perspective of nature and one from the perspective of culture -- are recited simultaneously in an informational yet dramatic style. Hinge* ... more info

klara lewis - ett (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

klara lewis - ett (12inch vinyl lp)

editions mego (at)
Klara Lewis' debut release presents an electronically-charged reconstruction of organic sound matter. Ten tracks featuring a wide variety of sonic material which is subjected to Lewis' unique approach to the sonic landscape. Field recordings, small sounds, samples, ambient pot holes, repetition, and giddy disorientation are all tactics deployed by Lewis. On entering these works we take a voyage through a series of audacious audio adventures, playful ... more info

edit select - phlox (2x12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

edit select - phlox (2x12inch vinyl)

prologue music (de)
Edit Select is the project of Scottish DJ Tony Scott -- one of the pioneers of deep-driven, hypnotic techno. Already confirmed with tracks like "Bauer" on Ostgut Ton or tracks on his own label Edit Select Records, Tony belongs to the best and most respected techno producers in the world. Nearly all of his techno tracks have been played and charted by all of the most prominent techno DJs. But that wasn't the reason Prologue signed the album Phlox -- ... more info

luc ferrari - exercices d'improvisation (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

luc ferrari - exercices d'improvisation (12inch vinyl lp)

planam (it)
2010 release. Luc Ferrari conceived this work in 1977 as a sequence of seven individually or collectively improvised exercises for tape and any instrument or group of instruments. Never performed before, Exercices d'improvisation have been released by the GOL collective and issued on LP by Planam. The seven exercises follow each other in a suite of growing intensity where GOL's acoustic and electric instruments react to Luc Ferrari's tape, lively ... more info

klaus roder - kristallisationen (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

klaus roder - kristallisationen (12inch vinyl lp)

planam (it)
2009 release. Klaus Röder is a guitar virtuoso and electronic music artist who studied with Kelemen and joined Kraftwerk for their famous Autobahn LP. He often works with very small sound particles, whose sound comes from different sources, like tearing paper, the voice, a musical instrument, synthesizer or computer sounds. Sound structures are built by joining together those sound particles and, by mixing those structures, Röder forms chords. Then ... more info

klaus roder - kristallisationen 2 (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

klaus roder - kristallisationen 2 (12inch vinyl lp)

planam (it)
2010 release. Planam proudly presents the second LP production by Klaus Röder featuring two more pieces from the electronic Kristallisationen series -- "Kristallisation 5" (1993) for microphone recordings of children's chimes (played by children), Yamaha TX 802 digital synthesizer and EMS Synthi A analog synthesizer, "Kristallisation 7" (1997) for microphone recordings and computer sounds, as well as "Frozen Sounds" (2002) for electric guitar sounds ... more info

matthew barlow - sun showers (cd) Buy Now 

matthew barlow - sun showers (cd)

preservation (au)
The Preservation label presents Sun Showers, the debut full-length album from Matthew Barlow. Inspired by porch life living in the mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina, Sun Showers has a simple aim in its warm and abstract take on the passing of a day, and it's sweetly rendered with compelling resonance. Shrouded in foggy ambience and cut with synth echoes, shuffling rhythms and field recordings, Barlow's muscular and hypnotic guitar sits at ... more info

talk west - black coral sprig (cd) Buy Now 

talk west - black coral sprig (cd)

preservation (au)
The Preservation label presents Black Coral Sprig, the debut full-length album from Talk West. Talk West is the project of Tulsa, Oklahoma resident Dylan Aycock. Aycock has forged a small series of intriguing and beautiful missives through the cassette underground with his explorations on guitar. On Black Coral Sprig, Aycock negotiates the terrain between stately and homely by stretching a ringing country tone into an all-encompassing atmosphere, ... more info

va - balani show super hits: electronic street parties from mali (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

va - balani show super hits: electronic street parties from mali (12inch vinyl lp)

sahelsounds (us)
"A compilation of popular modern electro music from Mali. High energy jams from 'Balani Show' sound systems. A collage of cut up balafons and djembes over Kuduro and Coupé Decalé rhythms - interspersed with samples of drums, bells, and whistles. Heavy dance tracks from some of the top names in Balani Show, from old school originators to bedroom DJ innovators, a sampling of music with over a decade of hits."

eric thielemans - sprang (cd) Buy Now 

eric thielemans - sprang (cd)

miasmah (uk)
Adventurous Belgian percussionist Eric Thielemans makes a fairly unusual entry into the Miasmah catalog with the surprisingly positive-sounding album Sprang. Thielemans has actually appeared on the label earlier -- as guest percussionist on Kreng's debut album L´Autopsie Phenomenal De Dieu. Although you can recognize the sound on this record, the main focus of Sprang is to revert to the pure joy of sound experimentation and letting go of your ... more info

gang wizard - important picnic (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

gang wizard - important picnic (12inch vinyl lp)

mie (uk)
Gang Wizard celebrates its 19th year with its fifth proper full-length LP, Important Picnic, on MIE. Mike Landucci started the band in 1995 with his brother Tom, and Jacob Anderson (Spirit Duplicator, Yuma Nora) joined shortly after. Christopher Breedon started drumming for them in '98, and those three have formed the core of the band ever since. Dozens of notable musicians have come and gone, most importantly, Brian Miller (Foot Village) who gains a ... more info

claypipe - a daylight blessing (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

claypipe - a daylight blessing (12inch vinyl lp)

mie (uk)
MIE are delighted to be releasing A Daylight Blessing, the seventh record by Claypipe, the New Zealand noise/drone/pop duo of Antony Milton and Clayton Noone. Released in a run of 300 LPs on vinyl. The record has been mastered by James Plotkin and will come in a silkscreened sleeve made out of recycled card. "Clayton and I finally met in person back in 2001 when he came up to play a festival in Wellington and stayed at my house. We had been trading ... more info

orcas - yearling (cd) Buy Now 

orcas - yearling (cd)

morr music (de)
For Yearling, Orcas members Benoît Pioulard and Rafael Anton Irisarri (The Sight Below) teamed up with Martyn Heyne (of Efterklang) on guitar and piano, and Michael Lerner (Telekinesis) on drums, to build upon the subdued ambience of their self-titled debut, adding a huge dose of analog warmth to their hazy pop leanings. A lot happens in a year -- jobs change, relationships flourish and crumble, friends leave us, and new people enter our lives. In ... more info

agencement - viosphere+ selected works 1984-1991 (cd box) Buy Now 

agencement - viosphere+ selected works 1984-1991 (cd box)

art into life (jp)
As a continuation of some of these ideas formulated during art and improvised violin experiments in the late 1970s, Hideaki Shimada started adding tapes, which led to the creation of the Agencement electronic project in 1985. Art into Life's reissue of Viosphere (Pico 1991) adds three previously unissued tracks from the same period. Of particular interest is a heavily avant-garde performance for guitar, amplifier and autoharp from a 1988 studio ... more info

coppice - big wad excisions (cd) Buy Now 

coppice - big wad excisions (cd)

quakebasket (us)
"Noe Cuellar and Joseph Kramer, the Chicagoans who comprise Coppice are not the sort of guys that leave things alone. They tamper, they repurpose, and, as both the name of their partnership and of this album indicates, they remove. Their pump organs clatter with the sound of preparations and loose parts: their boombox has been modified so that it simultaneously records and erases a tape loop, creating hissy patches of masticated sound that thread ... more info

nick hennies - work (cd) Buy Now 

nick hennies - work (cd)

quakebasket (us)
Work is Hennies' latest release and first for the revamped Quakebasket label. It consists of two pieces. The first is a ten-minute solo vibraphone piece called "Settle," which as it evolves, brings out electrifying resonances that evoke the early piano music of Charlemagne Palestine or even the lush dogma of Brian Eno and Michael Nyman. Hennies has famously explored the shapely vibrational properties of woodblocks, making them truly sing in a way ... more info

loops haunt - exits (2x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

loops haunt - exits (2x12inch vinyl lp)

black acre (uk)
Double LP version. Since his debut in 2009, Loops Haunt has continued to confound and excite with an output as mercurial as it is rare. Toying with jungle and hip-hop on Zenith and outright sound design on Ark, the wilderness-bound beat alchemist uses his isolation to explore and even create his otherworldly sound palate. Lurking behind immaculate drums are the windswept sounds of the desolate North and mechanized textures plucked from his father's ... more info

doom asylum - stress techno (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

doom asylum - stress techno (12inch vinyl lp)

hot releases (us)
Outsider techno realized via modular synth, drum machine, stress by Andrew Peterson of legendary NC noise duo Yohimbe, existing within a similar milieu as Frak and Unicorn Hard-On. Just got home from a US east coast / midwest tour with Lack and Secret Boyfriend.

loops haunt - exits (cd) Buy Now 

loops haunt - exits (cd)

black acre (uk)
Since his debut in 2009, Loops Haunt has continued to confound and excite with an output as mercurial as it is rare. Toying with jungle and hip-hop on Zenith and outright sound design on Ark, the wilderness-bound beat alchemist uses his isolation to explore and even create his otherworldly sound palate. Lurking behind immaculate drums are the windswept sounds of the desolate North and mechanized textures plucked from his father's own workshop. Here ... more info

delroy edwards - 4 club use only (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

delroy edwards - 4 club use only (12inch vinyl)

l.i.e.s. (us)
12" with picture sleeve, remastered by Matt Colton.

dj punisher - dj punisher (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

dj punisher - dj punisher (12inch vinyl)

la club resource (us)
Extra-raw DJ tool EP from Delroy Edwards.

ben jenkins - k3m (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

ben jenkins - k3m (12inch vinyl)

alleviated (nl)
A new Alleviated Records from Larry Heard protege Ben Jenkins. This young producer hailing from Memphis, Tennessee brings you four selections in the best Chicago tradition.

certain creatures feat. ike yard / best available technology - bangers & ash remixes vol. 1 (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

certain creatures feat. ike yard / best available technology - bangers & ash remixes vol. 1 (12inch vinyl)

bangers & ash
remixes by Samuel Kerridge, Jahiliyya Fields & Clay Wilson

klankman - klankman (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

klankman - klankman (12inch vinyl)

bunker (nl)
The Bunker 4000 series with its 3rd release! The Hague's new young talent debut for crazy acid house and retarded acidic techno, with the same sort of 'gospel feeling' as '90's' Chicago's early 'Green Velvet.

lassigue bendthaus - matter (12inch vinyl lp + 7inch) Buy Now 

lassigue bendthaus - matter (12inch vinyl lp + 7inch)

dark entries (us)
LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS is the electro-industrial project of UWE SCHMIDT aka ATOM™ or SENOR COCONUT from Germany. Uwe Schmidt began making music in the early 1980s, first playing drums, then switching to programming a drum computer after he had heard a Linn Drum on the radio. In 1986 he co-founded the cassette label N.G. Medien, on which his first musical work under the name LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS, "The Engineer's Love", was released. Soon after, he started ... more info

crash course in science - signals (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

crash course in science - signals (12inch vinyl)

dark entries (us)
CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE are a post punk band that formed in 1979 in Philadelphia.The band members, DALE FELICIELLO, MALLORY YAGO and MICHAEL ZODOROZNY, met while attending art school. They began to experiment with crude electronics and off-beat writing. CCIS avoids conventional instrumentation by using toy instruments and kitchen appliances to augment the distorted guitar, drums and synthesized beats.Their first single, "Cakes in the Home" was ... more info

psyche - re-membering dwayne (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

psyche - re-membering dwayne (12inch vinyl lp)

dark entries (us)
At the end of 1981, brothers DARRIN and STEPHEN HUSS and schoolmate DWAYNE GOETTEL performed for the first time as PSYCHE in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their live show was a combination of horror and electronics that was completely unprecedented in Western Canada. Although Goettel and the Huss brothers parted ways before Psyche was to release any material, the masters containing Dwayne Goettel's performances were preserved in the band's vaults. Now, ... more info

sound of mind - programming (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

sound of mind - programming (12inch vinyl)

frustrated funk
Valuable set of sought after tracks for those who know.. From the early Detroit days, before techno was techno.. Programming (original 12-inch version), Joy One Mile (original 7-inch TP version), Techno World (previously unreleased on vinyl), This Is My Beat (original 12-inch version).

nadja - queller (12inch vinyl lp) ... more info
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nadja - queller (12inch vinyl lp)

essence music (br)
Nadja's absolutely unique and incredible splicing of extreme doom, shoegaze and experimental music that the Canadian duo - currently based in Berlin - likes to call "dreamgaze" is of such beauty and heaviness that it can crumble skyscrapers and mesmerize souls in absolute bliss and colossal majesty. Calmer and more structured when compared to their other albums, Queller is their newly crafted masterpiece where the band explicitly dives back into the ... more info

manual - drowned in light (12inch vinyl lp + cd) Buy Now 

manual - drowned in light (12inch vinyl lp + cd)

make mine music (uk)
While completely unknown in his native Denmark, Munk is considered an influential artist in the circles of dreampop and electronica, touring all over the world, and collaborating, with artists including Ulrich Schnauss, Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Auburn Lull and, perhaps more surprisingly, members of Tortoise and Sunburned Hand of the Man. Aside from collaborations, two minimalist ambient albums and a rarities collection from 2007, "Drowned in ... more info

mistys - redemption forest (cd) Buy Now 

mistys - redemption forest (cd)

preco (jp)
'Redemption Forest' is the beguiling debut album of recombinant pop from Andrew Hargreaves (The Boats/Tape Loop Orchestra) and Beth Roberts' new duo, The Mistys. The project serves as a vehicle for Andrew and Beth to explore concepts of pop as a subversive medium; a way to communicate ideas other than the usual messages of love and other such frivolities, but in a context that means the listener could still "jitter bug along", even if they missed the ... more info

brandi ifgray - stargazer (cd) Buy Now 

brandi ifgray - stargazer (cd)

sahko (fi)
Stargazer is Brandi Ifgrays second solo album. It was recorded in NYC summer 1998 and was produced by Jimi Tenor. Maurice Fulton was playing on several songs. Prior to the album release he remixed 3 of the album songs on Puu-14. 1. Free ft. Tadayuki Hirano, Hisao Oka 2. Brains ft. Tuomo Puranen 3. Scam ft. Tuomo Puranen, Tadayuki Hirano, John Tirado 4. Freeloading ft. Jimi Tenor, Tuomo Puranen, Maurice Fulton 5. Seas of Mars ft. Tuomo Puranen, ... more info

jacques berrocal - catalogue (cd) Buy Now 

jacques berrocal - catalogue (cd)

alga marghen (it)
2005 reissue. Released in 1979 in a limited edition on his own d'Avantage label, Catalogue, with its overt theatricality is every bit as wild as the previous Paralleles. Not really jazz, not rock, having nothing to do with contemporary music either, Catalogue is a kind of sonic postcard which features not the group of the same name but instead numerous Jacques Berrocal associates including Potage (co-founder of the d'Avantage label in 1976), Parle, ... more info

manual - azure vista (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

manual - azure vista (12inch vinyl lp)

static caravan (uk)
Limited vinyl edition of the Darla CD release. It has been three years since Jonas Munk's last solo album 2002's classic Ascend. Jonas has been quite busy during though; not only has he been occupied with perfecting the sound he gave birth to in his late teens - he has also released a number of collaborative efforts: the celestial Into Forever in 2002 with New York's Icebreaker International, the almost completely overlooked old school ambient ... more info

jacques berrocal - paralleles (cd) Buy Now 

jacques berrocal - paralleles (cd)

alga marghen (it)
2009 repress, originally released in 2001. Jacques Berrocal has been very active since the beginning of the 1970s. No one in France could mix jazz, improvisation, rock'n'roll, punk, no wave, spoken-word and industrial music like him. He also had a central position in the creation of d'Avantage, a collective record label that issued some of the most particular sessions of the mid-late '70s. At the same time he was working on neverending sessions for ... more info

walter marchetti - de musicorum infelicitate (cd) Buy Now 

walter marchetti - de musicorum infelicitate (cd)

alga marghen (it)
2001 release. As Walter Marchetti told to the producers of De Musicorum infelicitate, i.e., The Unhappiness of Music, this will probably be his last music work, but this is not the only point making this edition a very special one. After two CDs previously issued for Alga Marghen (Antibarbarus in 1998 and Nei Mari del Sud in 1999) these "Ten Pieces in the Form of Painful Variations" dispose in their unceasing and implacable sequence the landing at an ... more info

walter marchetti - utopia andata e ritorno (2cd) Buy Now 

walter marchetti - utopia andata e ritorno (2cd)

alga marghen (it)
2006 release. Music: the foundation of that presence in which we find ourselves shows itself as pure negative. Everything is founded on a demonstration of its own negativity: as awareness of its being negative, and does not look for an escape into a future presence that is an objective future, but, accepting its negativity, makes of this self-negation the real act, the true reality -- the true foundation, the real and actual continuity: this is ... more info

m.e.v. - spacecraft/unified patchwork theory (cd) Buy Now 

m.e.v. - spacecraft/unified patchwork theory (cd)

alga marghen (it)
Originally released in 2001. In the fall of 1966 a group of composers that included Frederic Rzewski, Alvin Curran, Allen Bryant, Jon Phetteplace, Giuseppe Chiari and Richard Teitelbaum organized "Avanguardia Musicale I," a festival of several consecutive nights at the Accademia Filarmonica Romana. The program included tape music, Fluxus performance art pieces, and live electronic works. It was also the beginning of the group MEV. One year later, the ... more info

va - another dark age (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

va - another dark age (12inch vinyl)

another dark age (uk)
This V/A release reaches across oceans and continents to connect music from four obscure projects. From Providence (USA) to Melbourne (Australia), Another Dark Age delves deep into the noise and experimental scenes of both cities. Form A Log is a trio of which Ren Schofield (aka Container) is a member. Their twisted analog improvisations are as disciplined as they are chaotic. "In the Streets" is a chugging percussive jam that winds its way between ... more info

va - dark acid ii (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

va - dark acid ii (12inch vinyl)

clan destine (uk)
The second in Clan Destine's series of electronic/acid techno 12"s focuses on artists living in Glasgow. Music by Bläck/Tract, Tropics Of Capricorn, Golden Teacher, Claire, Stefen Blomeier.

pod blotz - glass tears (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

pod blotz - glass tears (12inch vinyl lp)

clan destine (uk)
Clan Destine has been excited by Los Angeles-based artist and photographer Suzy Poling's Pod Blotz project for awhile now. Here she brings us some of her most amazing recordings to date. Combining heavy-duty synth workouts, noise, and Radiophonic Workshop bleeps, all run through with an amazing ear for melody.

yves/son/ace - dead life (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

yves/son/ace - dead life (12inch vinyl lp)

clan destine (uk)
Yves/Son/Ace return with another LP after a record for La Station Radar. Here Matthew Ford (also from Love Tan, Factums, etc.) delivers us a dubbed-out electronic synth wave work-out. Cover art by L.A. visual and sound artist Suzy Poling.

the kvb - always then (12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

the kvb - always then (12inch vinyl lp)

clan destine (uk)
Clan Destine presents a final repress of British dark wave band The KVB's Always Then, originally released in 2012. 250 copies on clear vinyl.

alberto pascual - modeler (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

alberto pascual - modeler (12inch vinyl)

clr (de)
With the release of Alberto Pascual's Modeler EP, CLR welcomes a new artist to the label roster while the Madrid-based DJ/producer adds another record to his remarkable list of releases on respected techno imprints. This 12" contains four brand-new compositions of crystal clear, bass-heavy and enthralling techno from one of Spain´s internationally renowned players. These four tracks focus on the essential roots of uncompromising, absorbing techno and ... more info

man power - kiloton ep (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

man power - kiloton ep (12inch vinyl)

correspondant (fr)
Man Power delivers the Kiloton EP for Correspondant's 26th release. The 12" opens with Balearic beats and chugging 303 acid, summoning a soca-style saxophone intervention, then stirring discordant synths into a sonic whirlpool. In his outerworld rework, Hardway Bros' Brit Sean Johnston pitches down the original, swerving into low-slung '80s styling and leaving behind galactic static. "Parenthesis" is built around samples from a '71 conversation ... more info

sascha dive - dark shadow (3x12inch vinyl lp) Buy Now 

sascha dive - dark shadow (3x12inch vinyl lp)

deep vibes (de)
Deep Vibes presents the second album by Sascha Dive. Pinning down Sascha Dive as Cocoon's deep house wunderkind wouldn't really hit the nail on the head; however, it isn't far from the truth. Compared to most other artists of this genre, he can for sure be classified as a young gun. Sascha Dive's music is loaded with a respectful amount of taste and house history you would normally find in the productions and DJ sets of artists who started in the ... more info

afmb - a forest mighty black (3x12inch vinyl lp + cd) Buy Now 

afmb - a forest mighty black (3x12inch vinyl lp + cd)

drumpoet community (ch)
It's been 17 years since Bernd Kunz, also known as AFMB, released an album. After its release in 1997, A Forest Mighty Black's Mellowdramatic became a trip-hop classic. In the years that followed, Kunz quietly drifted away from his trip-hop roots and during this time he moved from the Black Forest capital Freiburg to Zurich, Switzerland, where he got more in touch with house music again (before his trip-hop days he was an avid acid house and garage ... more info

cv313 - altering illusions 1/3 (2cd) Buy Now 

cv313 - altering illusions 1/3 (2cd)

echospace (us)
Echospace return to their "Altering Illusions" project and deliver a massive double CD edition released in three separate issues, part 1 closely focused on the work of cv313. Expect sub-harmonic deep space exploration in some seriously out-there electronic quadrants, some of the deepest techno reductions ever captured to tape. A sprawling nebula of etheric sounds made by the illusive cv313 project, exploring re-mastered versions of their most ... more info

causa sui - live at freak valley (2cd) Buy Now 

causa sui - live at freak valley (2cd)

el paraiso records (dn)
The first official live album from Causa Sui, recorded in the early summer of 2013 at midnight, headlining the outdoor festival Freak Valley in Netphen, Germany. This full 90-minute Causa Sui set comes hot off the heels of 2013's acclaimed studio effort Euporie Tide (EPR 013CD/LP), and is a condensed manifestation of the low-end heavy side of the band. This show presents the band in elemental quartet mode and features a wide palette of cuts from the ... more info

martoc - music for alien ears (cd) Buy Now 

martoc - music for alien ears (cd)

em records (jp)
"RECORD OF THE YEAR: Martin O'Cuthbert: B.E.M.S (Esoteric Records) 'Seriously, when I played this record, an object on the wall started to vibrate very quickly, and I have witnesses to prove it. Martin O'Cuthbert is either a very evil person (just listen to the record) or a total fool (just listen to the record). Probably be big in Japan, and at a guess I'd say the whole thing comes off a Yamaha organ cos no synthesizer could sound that bad, could ... more info

cleric - pattern ep (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

cleric - pattern ep (12inch vinyl)

figure (de)
Cleric hails from Manchester and describes his precision-designed, heavy techno tracks as a means to translate emotion to others; to transport his intuitive feel for timing, tension and sound engineering to listeners far and wide. Over three tracks, Cleric's functional and tense take on the modern techno sound keeps things nicely restrained, loaded with kinetic energy and heavy potential for well-tuned sound systems. "Pattern One," "Two," and "Three" ... more info

heron - ive ep (12inch vinyl) Buy Now 

heron - ive ep (12inch vinyl)

flash recordings (de)
Heron is back on Florian Meindl's Flash with a hot limited piece of wax. Heavyweight remixes by Markus Suckut and Alexander Kowalski.

marisa anderson - mercury (cd) Buy Now 

marisa anderson - mercury (cd)

important records (us)
CD version of the 2009 Mississippi Records release. Highly recommended to followers of the Blackshaw/Wissem line of acoustic instrumental composition that runs through the Imprec catalog. From the original notes: "Portland guitar virtuoso Marisa Anderson is back with a new set of home-recorded instrumentals. This time around we find Marisa exploring structures more based on the Appalachian folk tradition. The bluesy cadences of Marisa's other ... more info

marisa anderson - the golden hour (cd) Buy Now 

marisa anderson - the golden hour (cd)

important records (us)
Portland guitar wizard Marisa Anderson's long-awaited solo guitar record. Marisa has been a fixture on many a music scene for years and years, playing with everyone from the Evolutionary Jass Band to Tara Jane O'Neil to The Dolly Ranchers. In any context, she can't escape her rag/blues/folk roots, no matter how hard she tries. On this LP featuring only guitar, no vocals, no overdubs, we are treated to a very intimate-sounding home recording filled ... more info

steve gunn & mike gangloff - melodies for a savage fix (cd) Buy Now 

steve gunn & mike gangloff - melodies for a savage fix (cd)

important records (us)
Steve Gunn and Mike Gangloff (Pelt) combine six-and 12-string guitars with gongs, tanpura, singing bowls, shruti box, and banjo for a gorgeous collection of improvised compositions. The two artists took it pretty far off the beaten path for Melodies for a Savage Fix, sequestering themselves for an overnight session in the remote farmhouse/recording studio of noted roots-music engineer Joseph Dejarnette (Carolina Chocolate Drops, Bruce Greene, Curtis ... more info

diane cluck - boneset (10inch vinyl) Buy Now 

diane cluck - boneset (10inch vinyl)

important records (us)
Gatefold 10" version. After a seven-year hiatus, Boneset is the seventh album from modern folk artist Diane Cluck. Cluck's uniquely clipped, glottal vocals and harp-like acoustic guitar embed in rich textures from cellist Isabel Castellvi and drummer Anders Griffen. Recorded to analog tape at Brooklyn's Trout Recording, Boneset is comprised of songs written years ago, not so long ago, just recently, laid out in near-chronological order. Dark to light ... more info

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