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enklav - enklav (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // enklav
LABEL // a dear girl called wendy (it)
CAT // we022lp


From the ashes of Attestupa a new project from Dan Johansson(Sewer Election, Dog Holocaust, Heinz Hopf), Viktor Ottosson(Blodvite, Orquere). A new project that is far from what they dod before, they lose their dark and black atmosphere, and it is closer to the early Vivenza's sound with dedication but incredible personality. The result is two tracks where there is no noise, manipulations or feedback. Cruel but at the same time organic sound with endless loops of field recordings that create small circular movements. A record that becomes a mirror of our cities, capturing the sounds that accompanies us during our days, the sounds that disturbs our life, a sound that shows the exasperation of modern life. A difficult and abstract record, that puts Enklav as one of the best European experimental indutsrial performers.

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