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cory allen - the great order (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // cory allen
LABEL // quiet design (us)
CAT // alas020lp


"Our reality is infinitely complex, yet held together by simple self-organizing systems," states Texas-based musician Cory Allen. It is this idea of inherent and mysterious structure that he utilizes in his rule-based composition "The Great Order." It's an audacious and near impossible task to truly translate such a vast, all-encompassing concept, but it's also the very thing that art exists to overcome. Allen may not succeed on every front, but he does better than most with his five piece acoustic ensemble that features slow curls of cello and placid piano notes. It's redolent of Duane Pitre's 2012 work "Feel Free" and for fans of Allen's past digital excursions, the approach may come as a surprise. But the execution is still extremely detailed, explicitly minimalist, and immaculately recorded, indicating that Allen has much more to tell in a variety of structures and styles. – Ryan Potts, Experimedia
The Great Order' is a new acoustic ensemble drone work by Cory Allen. The movements were performed live, in studio, using a rule-based score interpreting the structure of the Universe. A gorgeous wax plate of meditative acoustic minimalism. This is a limited edition vinyl only release. The cover is printed on reverse side paper stock. The entire edition is pressed on milky-clear vinyl.

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