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beer damage (pete swanson & brian sullivan) - hobo on the face of music (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // pete swanson
LABEL // our mouth (us)
CAT // mouth-bd-lp


*Limited vinyl edition of 350 copies.* I don't know much about this (beyond who is involved), but I do know it's one fine racket bickering in my headphones. This duo of Pete Swanson and Brian Sullivan go for the straight scuzz. Grey matter is sacrificed for damaged tones pinched through the loop in vague rhythms. It's not anywhere close to 'techno' or anything like that... it's more like the scattered ramblings of a discordant machine, drunk on software and freaking out for all the masses to hear. Seriously. Yet there are moments of disjointed melody that crop up seemingly out of nowhere. Just as fractured as everything else, those parts are like oases in the middle of a jungle of banana cables and guitar cord. It's hard to figure this record out and that's what makes it so good. Each dip into the metallic pool and you'll come out covered in a different kind of precious metal, even if this is the least percious music around. - Brad Rose, Experimedia