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aura level fountain - tulan tulan axcanpa (cassette)


ARTIST // aura level fountain
LABEL // dub ditch picnic (ca)
CAT // pf-ddp1971027cs


At once fragile, monolithic and meditative, this collaboration between Mpala Garoo and Clathus yields one of our heaviest releases to date. Three long tracks of murky, deep-sea drones and fungal drift. Melodies soaked in reverb, delay and flanger become smeared into a dreamlike haze, slowly floating through the near-dark depths of some distant sea. Yet through the gloom come traces of light from the surface, shimmering to the depths, offering glimpses of the strange coral cathedrals, long-sunken mountain ranges and bewildering creatures that dwell in this abyssopelagic zone.The instruments at work here are not important in fact, it's almost impossible to discern exactly what they are. What matters is where this tape takes you. Aura Level Fountain do not merely create gorgeous tones, they create an entire aural soundscape and leave you there to feel your way around.