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offthesky - the beautiful nowhere (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // offthesky
LABEL // hibernate (uk)
CAT // ots-hb029lp


For his latest record 'The Beautiful Nowhere', Jason had initially set himself a loose rule to use as many acoustic instruments as possible, whilst limiting the use of heavy electronic processing techniques. Instruments including guitar, harmonium, cello, toy piano, violin, kalimba, vibraphone and voice were recorded in a cabin near Carter Lake, Colorado in the peace of a beautiful, yet remote space. It was this secluded environment that encouraged and an existential state of mind and the resulting material gleaned of ideas relating to isolation and the surrounding rural landscape.

Like many Offthesky records, there is a loose concept that leaves lots of room for abstract interpretation. Ideas of simple backwoods life and pastoral existence are what permeates the sound throughout this beautiful set of songs. Other than this, it is hoped that the music itself will do the talking and that all who listen may open their ears to the stories contained within...

Mastered by Taylor Deupree

Artwork by Jason Corder

Photography by Iris Ann Sigurardttir