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billy gomberg + offthesky - flyover sound (download)


ARTIST // billy gomberg + offthesky
LABEL // experimedia (us)
CAT // expcd010dg



'Flyover Sound' is the collaborative effort of Billy Gomberg and offthesky. The pair bring together their individually unique sounds to create a rich and beautiful album. Complex drone and glitch arrangements play alongside acoustic guitar and subtle field recordings.

This is the download only counterpart of packaged cd release EXPCD010 which when purchased for $10 includes a free instant bonus download.

//1.wailing walls
//3.splatter pattern
//5.they were at the beach
//6.radiator peace
//7.untitled diary overdubs
//8.plane options
//9.gentle fisting of possibility


Billy Gomberg (b 1979, Chicago) is a musician and video artist living in Brooklyn NY. His studio practice incorporates analog synthesis, digital treatments, acoustic recordings and custom programming, creating electronic sound caught gazing at its own physicality, acoustics in love with their abstraction.

Billy has exhibited or performed in New York, Boston, Providence, London, Lisbon, Graz, Zurich and elsewhere. August 2009 saw the successful west coast tour of Delicate Sen, the improvising trio of Billy Gomberg, Anne Guthrie, and Richard Kamerman. A committed improvisor, he performs solo, w/Anne Guthrie (as Fraufraulein), w/Richard Kamerman (sometimes as Other Vultures), trio w/Joshue Ott & Robert Dick, and duo w/Garth Stevenson. Other collaborators include Jan Kees Helms, and Offthesky.

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(michael) jason corder began devising sonic schemes in the womb by performing on the uterus wall to cope with the intense darkness. he finally forged an escape plan in 1977 and upgraded his musical medium to a sterling kitchen floor kit. many years later during the dark ages of the 386/amiga, jason retired the cutlery to began forging into the vast void of 8bit tracking.

later he began his travels to countless electronic music events which catalysted him into a fertile pit of sonic clay. using adverse software such as buzz, jason began an evolution. though after realizing the creative short comings of purely digital creation, acoustics, space resonation, and concept became common place. instruments such as guitar, piano, sine waves, field-recordings and weather pattern data are mainstays for off the sky.

today jason resides in the city of denver, colorado and composes experimental electronic music in collaboration with other working musicians. occasionally, he still writes music for fetuses..

Look for more titles from offthesky's discography coming to the experimedia shop soon.