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ami dang - hukam (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // ami dang
LABEL // ehse records (us)
CAT // ehse017lp


Consider Ami Dang running for class president of this year's crop of 'New Weird World'. Creating melodies out of a mixed bazaar of sitar and hallucinogenic dance pop coupled with the right balance of underground menace and chill sweetness, Ami Dang has crafted an album that brings the world's lesser traveled streets alive with Eastern nuance and a Western wink.

Thoroughly 21st century in every way, Ami Dang's Hukam is contemporary global experimental pop at its twisted best. With sweet sitar melodies, Bollywood-diva style vocals, and both minimal and maximal electronic production, her music--pop, experimental, ambient, and house--is ripe for 2011 and beyond.