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shinobu nemoto - improvisations 1 (download)


ARTIST // shinobu nemoto
LABEL // experimedia (us)
CAT // expcd009dg



An epic album by Japanese artist Shinobu Nemoto, Improvisations #1 showcases Shinobu's ability to create beautiful and interesting sonic textures using minimal means. Using only an electric guitar, stomp boxes, and recording to a 4-track with no overdubs Improvisations #1 delivers 5 massive pieces. Recorded in January of 2009 each piece initially soft and subtle build and layer gradually into powerful and intense guitar noise drones.

//01.18:55 09 jan. 2009
//02.13:33 11 jan. 2009
//03.11:46 13 jan. 2009
//04.16:27 14 jan. 2009
//05.22:34 14 jan. 2009

"I am Shinobu Nemoto, MOUFU-ROKUON is a small label releasing my work. MOUFU-ROKUON = BLANKEY-RECORDINGS. I play the electric guitar and live in japan with a bird, a dog, two cats and a broken tape recorders. - I want to live with the orangutang and the chimpanzee some time - It was piano that I did play first. However, I kicked piano at 13 years old and have begun to goddamn turn an electric guitar, I formed a band and enjoyed a roaring sound, my guitar always did howling... I worked as an assistant of Noriyuki Haraguchi of the Japanese contemporary artist at one time. He was not a musician, but I learned most from him. I love him and much respect. I am in charge of a guitar and a vocal in "Josef [K]", "SUMMONS OF SHINING RUINS" is my guitar solo by old memory, "DARK SIDE OF THE AUDIO SYSTEM" is an experiment with a broken recorder and tape loops. And, I record the improvisation of the guitar and field recordings by "SHINOBU" name. I do not use a PC (DAW) for recording. My sound vibration is POST-BINARY/PC in all. Many thanks for your support of the work. Kindest regards, Shinobu Nemoto"

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"These five extended pieces for effects plus guitar were all recorded without overdubs in a single take, but they certainly do not sound improvised. Nemoto pushes his blurred, smoldering, post-shoegaze noise into simple but effective variations on a theme of the arcing crescendo. It seems that he's capturing loops as he goes, and stacks the harmonically rich layers of distortion, E-bow drones, and throttled rumbles into incrementally dense constructs. At the height of each of each of his crescendos, Nemoto offers a restrained guitar solo, at times in impressionist form of a high-lonesome slide guitar. Nemoto plays tour guide to an imaginary mountain range, taking his audience up to the pinnacle and providing grandiose views from that vantage point." - Jim Haynes for The Wire