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mike jedlicka / cloudburst - tabor / new passage (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // mike jedlicka / cloudburst
LABEL // optic echo (us)
CAT // oe009lp


Mike Jedlicka and Cloudburst share Optic Echo's return to vinyl with this ambient, field recording laden 12". Copies are hand numbered in a limited edition of 160, and silkscreened on recycled cardboard sleeves.

Resting Bell - "... Mike Jedlicka's work "tabor" is a very dynamic ambient-drone piece combining vocals, bowed bass, piano-works and electronics. With the vocals the piece gets a classical touch but for me it sounds even more like classical indian music at some points. These wonderful vibrating and oscillating sounds. It is a piece with many textures and I find something new every time I listen to it.

cloudburst's piece "nw passage" has a focus on fieldrecording which evolve to a noisy combination between the original source-material and very minimal electronic-sounds. Especially with headphones this piece offers you an enormous world of sound ..."