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fieldhead - we've all been swimming (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // fieldhead
LABEL // home assembly (uk)
CAT // ham016lp


Previous Fieldhead releases have seen Paul Elam take a detached view from the hillsides of West Yorkshire and Western Canada, but with We've All Been Swimming, the subject matter is closer and more immediate. Tensely wound synths lead throughout We've All Been Swimming, shifting from the breathless momentum of the opening track through to pulses reminiscent of Colin Stetson on "Ton". The unique violin playing of Elaine Reynolds glides sparingly across the record, tempering the constantly shifting arpeggios and accentuating the human elements within the record's machine-like core. The haze found on previous releases still hangs, but now it's the haze of a crowded street or the last train home. We've All Been Swimming is a concise and inspired attempt to reduce electronica down to the things that matter. Edition of 250.