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chik white - raft recordings from economy (cassette)


ARTIST // chik white
LABEL // notice recordings (us)
CAT // ntr045cs


Recorded while on residency in Economy, Nova Scotia, as part of the White Rabbit Arts Festival, Darcy Spidle set out on a raft into the worlds highest tide, the Bay of Fundy, to make these beautifully precise and evocative recordings. He traveled with a plethora of organic objects such as seal bones, eagle feathers, and broken clam shells, not to mention on-site-made instruments as well as his trusty jaw harps. Spidle built his raft out of driftwood from the bay, and was one of the primary instruments used on this recording. Expanding on the palette of his previous releases as Chik White, including one previously issued recording on Notice, as well as the self-released Malform, he creates a set of improvisations that reveal to a remarkable degree the artists deep commitment to the ocean, as variations in recording position, occasional rain, and the rushing tide create a rich sonic bed with which to play. Recorded during one week, the pieces are both trance-like and deeply engaged. Listening to this is an oddly serene experience: being lulled and comforted by the polyrhythms of the sea and also by Spidles exquisitely assured music-making, which is always present but never threatens to disrupt the sound environment, only seeking to complement it.