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paul beauchamp - grey mornings (cd)


ARTIST // paul beauchamp
LABEL // boring machines (it)
CAT // bm078cd


Two years after the release of "Pondfire", Paul Beauchamp returns with his second solo album, "Grey Mornings". Once again tapping into geographical influence for inspiration, the nine tracks of ambient drones reflect the feelings and emotions experienced during the early hours of grey, foggy mornings in both the Piedmont region of Beauchamp’s birthplace in North Carolina and the Piemonte region of Northern Italy where he now resides. Beauchamp continues his research into experimental ambient but at the same time has deviated into new territory moving away from the minimalism of Pondfire through the use of various acoustic and electric instruments, field recordings and incorporating the studio as a creative device in and of itself together with the engineering aid of Julia Kent during the recording process.