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oskar offermann - berlin/offenbach 2008-2016 (2x12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // oskar offermann
LABEL // mule musiq (de)
CAT // musiq212lp


German artist Oskar Offermann, the owner of leading label White, presents a quality double LP package on Mule Musiq, strongly effecting his meditated mindsets. As well as his DJ sets, his crafted productions have a superb balance between not being too excessive and not being too minimalist - creating a dynamic which makes people move, based on his own aesthetic, featured with well-polished, functional electro phrases and raw machine beats. Because of its floating grooves, it's nice for club use, but will surely be a good for the home-listening. Oskar continually points to the fact that listening to deep house is not a meandering journey, but something meaningful and fruitful.