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vlad dobrovolski - the drums of the fore and aft (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // vlad dobrovolski
LABEL // kotä (ru)
CAT // kota019


“Drums of Fore and Aft” – a new record from Moscow based sound artist Vladislav Dobrovolski, member of tape-duo S A D and synth-trio kurvenschrei- ber. New album is second with the own name on the cover after EP Breathers– limited series of lathe-cut records released by Cyland Audio Archive in 2013. Vlad says: “The choice of the name is important. Re ection is at the top of the corner. Sound conveys impressions, experience and mindset of exact human being, which is Vlad Dobrovolski.” Dobrovolski uses various amounts of monikers in his work, the most known is Fitz Ellarald, under which there were albums on Japanese label Amorfon, and Russian label Udacha, where was the split LP with Vlad’s colleague from S A D duo released in 2015.