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rainbow arabia - l.a. heartbreak (cd)


ARTIST // rainbow arabia
LABEL // time no place (us)
CAT // tnp025cd


Arriving three years since their mesmerizing new age-tinted synth-pop offering F.M. Sushi (TNP 008CD/LP, 2013) Rainbow Arabia's third full-length album L.A. Heartbreak wades through familiar neon waters but even more deliberately. Rainbow Arabia keep the focus on what distinguishes them from the sea of electronic pop acts out there, Danny Preston's adventurously exquisite arrangements, sturdy songcraft, and Tiffany Preston's potent vocal delivery. L.A. Heartbreak's dreamy, melodic machine pop takes cues from Tangerine Dream, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Giorgio Moroder, Jan Hammer - confidently painting with bolder strokes with leaner, brighter production and infectious hooks evoking '80s radio pop that skew more towards Madonna and Cyndi Lauper rather than darker post-punk influences referenced on Rainbow Arabia's earlier albums. Recorded at home in Los Angeles, L.A. Heartbreak was born out of a tumultuous time for the duo with lyrical themes waxing on failing relationships, mortality, and change. In the three years since F.M. Sushi, the couple have been co-running the left-field leaning electronic label Time No Place, while slowly piecing together songs for their third album, inspired by the diverse selection of electronic and dance music scenes in Los Angeles they are ingrained in. However, after many arduous months of recording, further exacerbating the fracture in their musical partnership and marriage, that album was scrapped. They opted to instead start new and record something more direct and honest. The resulting nine songs on L.A. Heartbreak benefit from the duo's best instincts. By deciding to write and record the album quickly, a sense of immediacy shines within this vital collection of prismatic synth-pop.