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terrence dixon - from the far future (2x12inch vinyl lp + 7inch)


ARTIST // terrence dixon
LABEL // tresor (de)
CAT // tres141lp


Essential repress of Terrence Dixon's debut album and first release on Tresor, originally released in 2000. Essentially variations on a concept, From the Far Future is delightfully warm with dreamlike excursions through techno and house-based structures. Dixon says, "From The Far Future is all about respecting those who came before me, respecting the art of pure techno, taking bits and pieces of what's old and making it new once again." Past, present and future are interwoven within eleven tracks, all compositionally unified but each able to stand alone when heard individually. The 50-minute journey takes is smooth and organic phrases; specifically designed to be flexible; understood in club settings and at home. Alternating rhythms throb to the forefront while floated in echoey synthesizer washes. Subtle traces of some of most ingenious profiles in the history of electronic music are hinted at, including Kraftwerk, Derrick May, and Juan Atkins, bathing the listener in sensual nostalgia. From The Far Future embodies a specific and vital time of Detroit's techno production, going hand in hand with Juan Atkins's work as Infiniti, Terrence Dixon signed this album with a masterful hand. This edition comes with a bonus 7" vinyl featuring two previously uncut tracks: "What Up" and "Shuffle All Circuits".