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rod modell - mediterranea (cd)


ARTIST // rod modell
LABEL // echospace (us)
CAT // aircd5


The first solo album from Rod Modell (Deepchord) in nearly ten years, following up 2007's Incense & Black Light comes in lush form with, Mediterranea. Clocking in at 72 minutes, this cerebral epic reveals a sense of timelessness and stillness, an exquisite portrayal of reflection that is sonically enriching and emotionally engaging. Opening with field recordings conducted while abroad in the islands of Spain, Mediterranea sculpts a sublime sense of nuance that creeps into fore as time passes, gradually enveloping and evolving into what sounds like an orchestra playing from the fathomless ends of the ocean. The quiet jazz-induced snare percussion honors the melody hidden deep beneath the surface. Congas and tribal rhythms accentuate its colorful and vibrant dream-like melodies that slowly expose themselves into the mix. Haunting, alluding to the symphonic, its emotional depth shift gradually, revealing the underlying, subconscious tonal colors. The magic and lushness of the strings, the beautiful resonance of the violin and the love felt in each key stroke tugs right at the heart strings. Echospace considers Mediterranea to possibly be the most beautiful and inviting piece from Rod. Absolutely stunning, transitional sonic art.

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