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howard/wiggan/mapp - from dust we came... to dust we return (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // howard/wiggan/mapp
LABEL // dirter promotions (uk)
CAT // dprom127lp


Noah Howard was an American alto saxophonist and a member of the avant-garde jazz movement of the 1960s and, amongst many influential albums, made the seminal Black Ark album with Arthur Doyle in 1969 (WEAVIL 024CD/LP). This album came about as a result of Justin Wiggan's love of Howard's music. Five years after Howard's death in 2010, Justin was in touch with his wife, Lieve Fransen, and learned that Noah had made a large number of private recordings playing solo on the alto saxophone. Lieve gave Justin access to these recordings and the freedom to develop an album in which he built electronic soundscapes around these solo passages. He then asked Chris Mapp to add bass lines to the foundation. The resulting music has been composed and edited by Wiggan to form this album. Includes download code. Edition of 500.