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superpitcher - so far so super (2x12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // superpitcher
LABEL // kompakt (de)
CAT // komrsd004lp


180-gram vinyl. Includes download code. One of Kompakt's most mythical entities, Superpitcher has always followed a thoughtful and rarified release policy, honing a record until it's perfect (and risking longer periods of time between outings) rather than rushing it out; it's a rhythm that suits his idiosyncratic approach to dance music, not so much churning out floor fodder as creating timeless classics on his own terms. As one of the label's longest-serving artists, he has managed to build an impressive portfolio, especially if one considers the ratio of iconic tracks to releases. It's no wonder, then, that at any given time, a big part of his back catalog seems to be sold out. Following 2010's highly acclaimed, award-winning full-length Kilimanjaro (KOMP 080CD), Kompakt revisits Superpitcher's unique body of work with So Far So Super, an enticing selection of some of the producer's most cherished cuts. It collects highlights from all stages of his career -- the underground club bangers as well as the conceptual album work. From opener "Jackson" (as featured on Pop Ambient 2012 (KOMP 096CD/KOM 247LP)) and early successes like "Heroin," "Baby's on Fire" (from 2002's Total 4), and Total Confusion/Speicher anthem "I Walk" to signature tracks like "Happiness" and "Rabbits in a Hurry," So Far So Super offers lots of magical moments to unearth or rediscover, all remastered and collected in one jam-packed, gorgeously wrapped vinyl release that no serious fan of electronic dance music should miss out on.