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koen park - everything in shadow (download)


ARTIST // koen park
LABEL // experimedia (us)
CAT // expcd006dg



Everything in Shadow, is the new album (and second on Experimedia) by Tokyo/London based Koen Park aka Ian Hawgood. Utilizing a wide array of instruments, sound sources, and tools including vintage keyboards, circuit bent synths, guitars, glockenspiels, samplers, drum machines, live drums, field recordings, effects pedals, tape recorders, and computers, Koen Park creates a hazy sun dried organic electronic sound. Tape saturated modulating synths and subtle guitar washes. Cut-up live drums and crackling micro-rhythms. Playful and calming melodic structures interact with broken hip-hop like rhythms. Fractured field recordings interwoven. Brief interludes of serene melodic drones. All of these elements come together to create, Everything in Shadow, a beautiful and nostalgic album, masterfully crafted with touches of intentional imperfection that give the album a refreshing organic feel.

Today also marks the release of Koen Park's free Pastoral Pioneer album on the Acroplane net-label.

Alternatively you can order the limited edition packaged edition HERE which also includes a free bonus download to enjoy until your package arrives.

Download a desktop wallpaper pack containing images from the releases packaging HERE. Photography and design by Jeremy Bible.