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the friend/l/f/d/m - fuck sunsets/balearic fisting (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // the friend/l/f/d/m
LABEL // clan destine (uk)
CAT // cdr12017ep


The Friend delivers four tracks of sludge techno straight from the source in Detroit, from the creeped-out stylings of "Room(s)" and the bleeped-out techno of "Star" to the menacing groove of "Bent" (with The Significant Other) and the pure bass of with "Stripping" (with Selande). L/F/D/M (loves flaccid disco muscle) drops four varied tracks on the B-side, from the full-on raging acid techno of "Belton" and the intricate drones of "Drome Version II" to creepy sex loops on "88" and the degraded synths of "Untruths."

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