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phork - disappear in raveland (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // phork
LABEL // time no place (us)
CAT // tnp020lp


An ode to ritual and the language of dance music, PHORK's Disappear in Raveland contains adventurous, surrealist musical ideas within a strict club framework giving equal credence to footwork, Chicago house, techno, and drone. The resulting epic collage shifts focus away from sound-design, instead ornately sculpting new forms out of familiar, well-worn drum-samples and sounds taken from free sample-packs. Rather than exploring the variety of structures in these genres separately song by song, PHORK ambitiously combines them all in each arrangement. With surgical precision, footwork's frenetic drum-programming is laid out and mesmerizingly reconstructed to comfortably sit alongside Mark Fell, Mike Q, or Terry Riley. While it's clearly experimental by nature, make no mistake -- Disappear in Raveland's minimalist excursions could function as a secret weapon for discerning DJs seeking to thrill the most daring dance audiences.

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