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illusion of safety - the need to now (download)


ARTIST // illusion of safety
LABEL // experimedia (us)
CAT // expcd002dg



Illusion of Safety, Dan Burkes ongoing and ever evolving project since 1983, contributes a fantastic new album to the experimedia catalog. A hand signed and numbered limited edition release, The Need To Now is one of Burkes more stark and minimal works. While more minimalistic overall, The Need To Now still embraces Burkes penchant for broad dynamics, building from soft tones, drones, and distant whistling to maddening noise and back down to near silence with just the smallest trace of air space. Music box like tones dance loosely throughout constructed industrial ambient environments. Soft crackling, static and noises fizzle in and out of focus while subtle guitar rises quietly in the distance. Deconstructed voices, samples, rhythms, and instruments arranged into brilliant sound montages in ways reminiscent of the classic GRM school of tape cut ups. A soundtrack for sedated asylum inmates. This masterful work by one of the veteran heroes of avant-garde post-industrial music aims at activating modes of perception, deprogramming reality, and recombining information pointing toward a new reality/environment.

Alternatively you can order the limited edition packaged edition HERE which also includes a free bonus download to enjoy until your package arrives.


Review by Frans De Ward from Vital Weekly 642
My love for Illusion Of Safety can't be a secret, though I am not a follower with no critique. There is a great deal of CDs, vinyl, CDRs and tapes around with their music, and some I rank as 'absolute' master pieces ('Historical', 'Probe', the first two 'Mort Aux Vaches' for instance), and some I found more curious than good, like 'Inside Agitator', but the vast majority of the release are labeled as 'good' or better. These days Illusion Of Safety is no longer a band, but the one man band of Daniel Burke, although former (?) member Chris Block did the photos for the cover. In recent years Burke has settled on a more specific style of sound, which involves electronics, laptop and hand held objects attached with contact microphones. Pre-recorded sound material, mainly snippets from radio, TV an records, the 'field recordings' as well as electronic sounds are mixed with electro-acoustic objects in an extraordinary manner. This is the meeting point of many influences: improvised music, musique concrete, industrial music, microsound even, all in a highly intense set of music. Music that has a soundtrack like character. Why isn't Daniel Burke a famous Hollywood soundtrack composer, I wonder? I can imagine great movies with this music, better than much of the muzak that now comes with 'scary' movies'. The shock tactics that Burke uses, the swift changes in his music, are less present here than before, but add that cinematographic character to the music. It's perhaps also the most present element from the world of industrial music which you can find in his music these days. Never brutally loud - that station is past history luckily enough - but angular at times, flowing easily at others, playing with the notion of silence and loudness, and never strictly confined to laptop techniques, which firmly sets him aside of some many others. The strange thing is, in my opinion, why isn't this a household name, playing all the major festivals there are in this field? Organizers, film makers and listeners: please pay some more respect.