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tsunga - maris piper/b more dog (10inch vinyl)

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ARTIST // tsunga
LABEL // black acre (uk)
CAT // acre055ep


Fresh rave bunker-busting artillery from Tsunga. With Scratcha's patronage, Tsunga began his heavily distorted dancefloor attack in 2014 with the terrifying "Feisar," melding a '92-hardcore sensibility with a grime edge. "Maris Piper" features timeless breaks deftly chopped and pasted, while huge low-end surges propel this slice of classic jungle techno into the free parties of 2092! "B More Dog" comes harder, as military-grade drum programming sends ear-shattering claps over the top with pounding kick drums huddled behind. Acid stabs dance on top of the crossfire, with full 21-lazergun salute. Unfriendly for 2015.

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