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arp aubert - moshislongo (12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // arp aubert
LABEL // ki records (de)
CAT // ki014ep


Arp Aubert's "Moshislongo" rolls out a hovercraft-like texture amid a flock of happily fluttering beats while a sparkling surge from beneath bounces them along in kaleidoscopic unison. "Lowport" wanders through the deep, propelling its effervescing mass through Pascalian bubbles, before the sound-mantra acid-bass bobs through kalimbas and melancholy synth chords. Me Succeeds (Lorin Strohm and Mona Steinwidder) gracefully translate the title-track's melancholy moods into a profound sound-tableau; Steinwidder recites a text of her own over dub-character beats and fading chords. On Alexander Polzin's remix of the same track, jumbled vocals give rise to the warmth of a constant bass.

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