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hauschka - the prepared piano (12inch vinyl lp)


ARTIST // hauschka
LABEL // karaoke kalk (de)
CAT // kk041lp


2015 repress, of this 2005 release. This 10th anniversary edition now includes a download code which features two previously-unreleased bonus tracks. Pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann releases his second album with Karaoke Kalk. The Prepared Piano is focused on just one piano, and a smattering of synthesizer, bass and drum, though it sounds as if there is an entire orchestra accompanying him. Tracing back his roots, and continuing a new tradition expressed by current composerArvo Prt, Steffan Schleiermacher, Frangis Ali-Sade, Edison Denissow, and Philip Corner, Bertelmann rediscovers the masters of the prepared piano such as Bartok's contemporary Henry Cowell, John Cage, and Otto Schrager, with echoes of Satie and Ravel. Hauschka finds the possibilities in nontraditional technique, clamping wedges of leather, felt or rubber between the piano-strings, preparing hammers with aluminum paper or rough films, placing crown corks on the strings, or weaving in guitar strings. The result is small rhythmic sound-vignettes and quiet ballads which all have their roots in East Asian harmonies and minimalism.

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