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wolfgang voigt - protest: versammlung 1 (cd)

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ARTIST // wolfgang voigt
LABEL // profan (de)
CAT // profan015cd


In 1993, Kompakt co-founder Wolfgang Voigt established the iconic fringe imprint Profan to provide his own idiosyncratic ideas of techno music with an uncensored, liberal publishing platform. From the very beginning, the label stood for a rampant love of experimentation and Voigt's unruly urge to habitually plough through new -- and for the most part difficult -- musical territory with a straight bass drum. Driven by incessant transgression of boundaries and genres, Voigt ransacks schlager and polka, classical and pop styles, sampling his way across music history. Since 2009, Voigt has focused on increasingly abstract and creatively elaborate art and music releases on Profan, which led him to launch the Profan sub-label Protest in 2010, where the expressionist pop techno 12" single a? la Voigt has found sort of a second home, heavily informed by his paradigm of sex, drugs, and pop art. Originally only available on strictly limited vinyl, a selection of remastered Protest tracks has now found its way onto CD, with two previously unreleased bonus cuts. The compilation Protest - Versammlung 1 provides a representative overview of the current state of Cologne techno, indulging in the gaudy funkyness of one of its masters and pioneers.

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