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these hidden hands - these hidden hands (2x12inch vinyl)


ARTIST // these hidden hands
LABEL // hidden hundred (uk)
CAT // hh002lp


These Hidden Hands is the collaborative project of UK stalwart, Tommy Four Seven and Alain, the Berlin-based producer and mastering engineer at One Million Mangos. It's fair to say that techno is the main ingredient, served as uncompromisingly as possible. Their debut LP showcases the duo's love for cavernous, echoing drones and visceral, foreboding half-time beats - from the gnarly, distorted frame of "Trelesire" to the dystopian, mutant dance of "Diesel", this album has it all and comes warmly recommended for fans of Vatican Shadow and the whole Hospital Productions camp...

From Resident Advisor: 'Hidden Hundred' is the final realisation of the idea that originally drove Tommy Four Seven, and mastering engineer Alain of 'One Million Mangos', to move to the city of Berlin four years ago, after the 'Strix EP' saw their musical identities merge for the first time on the now defunct 'Shooting Elvis' imprint.

Since taking the time to cement their reputations in their respective fields, the pair have now laid the foundations for what is to prove a fruitful new venture in the form of 'Hidden Hundred', a term that defines the mothership of the project the rekindled duo have embarked upon.

Serving as a creative platform for their debut album, 'These Hidden Hands', as well as other artists that fit into the particular aesthetic that they are striving for, it ensures the longevity of this exciting collaboration.