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iii (daichi yoshikawa, paul abbott & seymour wright) - gjerhan (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // daichi yoshikawa paul abbott & seymour wright
LABEL // otoroku (uk)
CAT // roku011lp


III (pronounced /el/) is Daichi Yoshikawa, Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright. This recording includes two bare 20-minute excerpts from separate performances at Café OTO. Daichi Yoshikawa (feedback); Paul Abbott (drums); Seymour Wright (alto saxophone). gjerhan began from subterranea, sweat, haze and dedication emerging out of intimate and intense weekly meetings begun in 2009 -- their first, 2012 public performance, squeezed into a London basement was a sheer, vexed and exhilarating smack of organic, heterodyning ideas, and taut, low-beating lumps. Reemerge/revanish: With the economy of familiar/traditional raw tools feedback, drum-kit, alto saxophone, time, space and emotion, III move from molten musical pasts to grow future pleasures in sound. The ingredients are familiar, but the listening is not: At its heart is a still, undecorated concentration fuelling an extreme testing of limbs, language and order. This has no concern with collapsing difference into a vogueish, flattened mass-froth, but searches -- forensically, ceaselessly -- for something to chew, in the challenge of discretion and integrity or asylum in the body of its instruments. Akilsakilan learning, Doughnut: Finding, twisting and hammering out an expanding musical universe balanced only by its own logic -- III have few obvious comparisons. Their performances are consistent radical negotiations of the emotional, physical and social energies of the environments they sound out. Perfectly reasonable.

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