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anton mobin - silniejszym od bomb (cassette)


ARTIST // anton mobin
LABEL // los discos enfantasmes (ca)
CAT // lde052cs


"Silniejszym Od Bomb" is the complete audio journal from my first travels to Warsaw, Poland in August 2013. It's a cassette sound diary recorded on micro-cassette and a series of cassette compositions. I recorded sounds with three different recorders on side A, but here I only worked with sounds fixed on tape.For years I recorded daily reports and journals with a microcassette dictaphone. More or less elaborated, these rough pieces of archival snippets exist in a private collection of memories. In Paris I found a Sony TCM-400 audio cassette deck with two playback speeds an a pitch wheel which allows more possibilities for manipulating the sound both during and after the recording, techniques that figure prominently in this project. "Side A" consists of an audio journal recorded on micro-cassette in Warsaw, Poland in August 2013. The"Silniejszym Od Bomb" piece was previously released by Hal McGee on micro-cassette for the "Museum Of Micro-cassette Art" (MOMA). Upon release, the image of the cover I did was blocked and reported on a social network. The present Los Discos Enfantasmes version of the cover art represents a kind of self-censorship that I must be able to apply myself and also an allusion to the profession of the three women who shared this journey. "Side B" consists of a series of real-time compositions which use and abuse cassette manipulation made on my way back to Paris from Poland, and up until the of end 2013. I made the composition with the recordings made in Warsaw including my own copy of the micro-cassette presented on side A. "Silniejszym Od Bomb" mean "stronger than bombs" and could be your feeling too walking through this area