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andrew cox - past imperfect (cd)


ARTIST // andrew cox
LABEL // forced nostalgia (be)
CAT // fn012cd


Andrew Cox was the more talented half of MFH / Pump. Alongside his recordings with David Elliott, he also released four cassette albums on YHR (Arioch, Methods, Hydra and Songs from the Earth) between 1980-83. Tracks from these, together with other rarities (all remastered) are now compiled on Past Imperfect. What makes this compilation so intriguing are the extras: two tracks from the rare Integrated Circuit Records (Colin Potter's label) compilation from 1983, and three previously unreleased pieces from 2000 and 2001 which had ushered in a new, ultra-minimal style. Sadly, Andrew died in 2009 before he could fully explore this new direction, but it is gratifying to see his music recognised, despite his absence.