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coppice - big wad excisions (cd)


ARTIST // coppice
LABEL // quakebasket (us)
CAT // qb025cd


"Noe Cuellar and Joseph Kramer, the Chicagoans who comprise Coppice are not the sort of guys that leave things alone. They tamper, they repurpose, and, as both the name of their partnership and of this album indicates, they remove. Their pump organs clatter with the sound of preparations and loose parts: their boombox has been modified so that it simultaneously records and erases a tape loop, creating hissy patches of masticated sound that thread through this music like a piece of steel wool being dragged through an obstacle course.

As the tape cycles past the heads, the bright light of the present and recent past are stripped away. This the explosive immediacy of opener "Snuck Keel" yields to near emptiness by the start of the third and longest piece, "Sop". But any student of forestry can tell you that coppicing is a means of cultivating new growth. "Sop" begins with whistles and huffs that sound like they were filleted from the racket of a train during the age of steam. This builds into a slow crescendo of organ phrases, some degraded by the boombox, others clean, which flowers into a clunky yet winsome melody. It's like a Terry Riley timelag accumulator jam hat has been edited to match the stride of a peglegged pirate from an early silent film reel. "Hoist Spell" brings things back to where they began, pummelling vibrant electric buzzes with the thumps of a dust encrusted phonograph cartridge. The old is new again, alive with mutant vigour." -Bill Meyer, The Wire {2013}

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