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saturn - saturn (12inch vinyl lp)

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ARTIST // saturn
LABEL // subliminal sounds (sw)
CAT // subl102lp


Limited edition of 500 copies. Reissue of rare and very special U.S. '70s LP. Includes an insert with a previously untold band history and interviews by Patrick Lundborg (author of The Acid Archives and Psychedelia). Saturn is 1970s "Rhinestone Rock," featuring an expressive disco-influenced female vocalist, invoking powerful visions of '70s couples under mirrored balls in downtown velvet sofa nightclubs decorated with huge day-glow zodiac wall-paintings. A heavy mystic sideshow vibe with undertones of the occult and science fiction. On a superficial mainstream level, the mid-1970s may appear as one of the music scene's less exciting eras, dominated as it was by industry-approved repetition and tired formulas. On the regional and local levels however, the situation was different and more exciting. Live music still dominated in clubs, bars and lounges, and thousands of working bands made a living playing gigs on their regional circuits. The traditional model of mimicking recent top 40 hits had given way to a more complex challenge for club bands, which were now expected to handle a melting pot of sounds that emerged out of the creative explosion of the late '60s. One of the more intriguing works to emerge from this next-step progression came from a Colorado-based outfit called Saturn, who released a self-titled album in 1978 containing only self-penned material. This album was intended more as a showcase for Saturn's talents than a genuine commercial release, but within its grooves dwells several outstanding numbers with a rare, magical atmosphere. Despite their genre-transcending originality, Saturn's demo album hardly made a blip on the radar and remains very rare today, with only a few copies known among collectors.

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